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    IL - Twins Julian & Giselle Romero, 5 mos, found dead in their crib, 10 May 2012


    Poor babies.

    The deaths of 5-month-old twins in their Little Village home are being investigated by child welfare officials, who say they already had been looking into allegations of neglect involving the babies last month.

    Jimmie Whitelow, a spokesman for the Department of Children and Family Services, would not give any details of the allegations.

    The babies’ mother, Victoria Rodriguez, said Thursday evening that DCFS was investigating because the family missed a medical appointment for the twins, who were born premature.

    The babies, Julian and Giselle Romero, were found unresponsive in their crib about 10 a.m. in the family's home in the 4100 block of West 25th Street, police said. Autopsies are scheduled for Friday, and police said they were conducting a death investigation.

    DCFS also is investigating the deaths and said it has had contact with the family since March of 2011, when the agency determined that an allegation of abuse involving an older child was credible, according to Whitelow.

    Whitelow said the allegations were against two male relatives of the child.

    He would not provide any details.

    Rodriguez said the March allegation involved a relative.

    On April 9, 2012 the agency began an investigation into an allegation of neglect against the parents of the babies.

    Rodriguez, 19, said that investigation began when she missed an appointment at a medical clinic because their father had gotten his driver’s license suspended.

    Rodriguez said the twins were born premature and suffered from “development issues.’’

    When asked why the twins weren’t taken from their custody after the April allegation, Whitelow said the investigation was still ongoing.

    “Well, first of all you have only a pending allegation, and it’s an allegation from April, of neglect,’’ Whitelow said. “That allegation itself might not have warranted the removal of those children.’’

    According to Rodriguez, the March 2011 probe began because a relative “tried to choke’’ their child, a girl who was 7 months old at the time.
    The relative who tried to choke the girl, was watching her at a different house.

    The relative is in jail on unrelated charges and the mother has sole custody.

    After the March 2011 incident, the children were placed in the sole custody of the mother, and DCFS began providing support to the family, including homemaking and counseling, in June of 2011, said Whitelow.

    Rodriguez said the agency sent supportive services help to them from about October of 2011 until February of this year.

    The girl who reportedly was choked is one of four children who still live at the home on 25th Street, Rodriguez said.

    No children were ever moved from the home on 25th Street stemming from DCFS investigations, according to Rodriguez and Whitelow.

    Rodriguez said she found the twins unresponsive in bed and believes they may have been suffocated accidentally by a blanket.

    The twins had woken up early Thursday morning and she put a blanket on them, adding that the blanket did not cover their heads.

    When she went to check on them at 8:30 a.m., Rodriguez said the blanket was covering their heads and they weren’t moving.

    “I moved the blanket. They didn’t move at all,” she said. “I think that they suffocated.”

    She said she tried to wake them up by rocking them and splashing cold water on their faces, but they didn’t wake up. “I didn’t know what to do,” Rodriguez said.

    She said her children were born at St. Anthony’s Hospital, were happy and healthy, and would talk to each other. They would have been 6 months old on May 17, she said.

    “Even if they were apart, they would just hear each other and make noise,” Rodriguez said as she watched a video of the children on her cell phone.

    Rodriguez said she is unemployed, and the family is unsure how they will pay for the funeral arrangements.

    Ana Romero, the sister of the twins’ father, lives in the same building and said the twins’ parents were good parents.

    “They always took care of the kids well,” she said.
    The mother is 19 and she already has FOUR KIDS.

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    Seriously?! you have a 7 month old being choked and no one took any of these kids? Yeah of course their family thinks they are the salt of earth. No surprise there. Let me guess, the choking was a symbol of love? Gmab.

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    Rodriguez said the twins were born premature and suffered from “development issues.’’

    Meth? Some types of drugs are involved here. For some reason many meth/crack addicts just can't stop popping out kids even when their families beg them to get fixed and offer to pay for it. With all of the crazies and drug addicts popping out kids as fast as they can one has to wonder what society will be like in 2030.

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    We are all just trying to make sense of an unimaginable crime.

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    A family member, who is now in jail and has no contact with the children or family committed the choking. Since there is no further risk to the kids from that person, no need for removal. The second allegation and investigation stemmed from ONE missed visit to the doctor, something that has happened to nearly every parent, at one time or another.

    To me, the DHS involvement with this family means nothing. One incident may have been outside the mother's knowledge and control, and the second was due to a normal parental mistake.

    I choose to focus more on the inconclusive autopsy, and the fact that she still retains custody of her other children. MOO.
    JMO. Unless there's a link, I can't prove it.

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