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    FL - Ex-Seminole Police officer found guilty of molesting female relative


    A former Seminole Police Department officer was convicted of molesting an underage female family member from the time the victim was 8 or 9 until she was 17.

    Ronald Baker, 49, showed no emotion as Broward Circuit Judge Michael Usan read each guilty verdict aloud Thursday morning. Baker was convicted of sexual battery by a family member, lewd and lascivious molestation, lewd and lascivious exhibition, use of a child in a sexual performance and other, related charges............

    The woman described a nightmarish childhood that included years of molestation under the guise of what Baker told her was "sex education." To protect her privacy, the Sun Sentinel is not identifying the victim or her relationship to Baker. In some encounters, she said, Baker drugged her with the prescription sleep aid Ambien and had her pose for lewd photographs.

    More at link.....

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    I am so embarassed to be a Floridian lately.
    There is Good Grief. Just ask Charlie Brown.

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    for the 17-year old girl !!

    for 49-yr old pervert Ronald Baker, a very, very long prison term in a maximum security prision ... that's where the BIG TOUGH GUYS hang oug!!.

    This 17-yr old girl will need a lifetime of psychological and emotional care and counselling because of this pervert molesting her since she was 8 or 9 yrs old!!!

    And, if he isn't put away for a long sentence ... he will try to pop-up in her life somewhere down the road.

    One thing it will be a pleasure to do is follow his sorry criminal "azz" through the Florida Courts Systems Open Records/Online Court System. We will be able to monitor everything he does or doesn't do.

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