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    Angry FL - Man Tries To Kill Parrot With Weed Killer


    After repeated complaints about the noise from a backyard menagerie, police say a man tried to kill his neighbor's patio-based parrot with RoundUp weed killer Monday.

    It's not clear if the bird was harmed by the attack, but the suspect's wings have been clipped with an arrest.

    Port St. Lucie Police responded to a home in the 2700 block of Southwest Onaway Avenue on a report of a disturbance at about 5:30 p.m. Edson Santos reported his neighbor, Joseph Pacheco, 59, had complained numerous times about the noise made by several expensive exotic birds Santos keeps on his outdoor patio.

    Pacheco had made repeated complaints about the noise the birds made, and had contacted animal control several times to complain. Santos told police that on Saturday, Pacheco told Santos he was going to kill the birds.

    Santos left home in his work van at 3:30 p.m., leaving his daughter home alone. At 5:30 p.m., she called her father to say she saw Pacheco reach through an existing hole in their patio screen and spray the bird with a clear liquid, then return to his home.

    When police spoke to Pacheco, he told them the bottle contained water, but since it had a pungent odor when police smelled it, he admitted it contained RoundUp weed killer. Informed of this, Edson was very upset and immediately called poison control. It's not clear if the bird, an Amazon macaw, will suffer harm from the incident.

    Pacheco was arrested on a charges of burglary and animal cruelty.
    Poor bird, I hope it's alright.

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    What a creep. It's understandable he was frustrated and no doubt all the birds were bothering him, but he sprays a harmless bird with one of the most toxic chemicals out there? That poor bird may not seem effected presently, but that guy just changed that poor birds genetic make-up.

    That's nasty that RoundUp and it's hurting humans, animals, the soil and everything mother earth.


    Thanks, Monsanto for illness and death.

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