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View Poll Results: Is George Zimmerman Guilty, Not Guilty,or immune?

168. You may not vote on this poll
  • Guilty of 2nd degree murder

    73 43.45%
  • Guilty of manslaughter or lesser included offense

    28 16.67%
  • Not Guilty (Self Defense)

    57 33.93%
  • Immunity by SYG-not able to prosecute

    10 5.95%

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    Guilty or Not Guilty. **NO DISCUSSION** State your reason

    Now that we have new information have you changed your mind?
    Please vote-no discussion. You may state your reason if you choose too, but you don't have to.

    NO DISCUSSION. thanks.

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    Ah, the options didn't show up when I first replied. Voted appropriately.
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    I'm still thinking manslaughter.
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    Manslaughter. Shouldn't be anything else.
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    Voted as last time, but more confidently, not guilty, self defense. Tragic story, horrible that someone died, but poor choices were made by a few that night. But the evidence indicates that when it came to contact, regardless of what else happened that night, the fact is there is eyewitness testimony that GZ was on the bottom, and had no means of escape. As he WAS harmed (police photos), he had ample fear of bodily harm. That is the measure of the self defense claim, and it has been met.

    Everything else is smoke and mirrors. You can argue pursue/chase/follow until you are blue in the face. Even though there is no proof as to who initiated the contact, under the self defense laws, even if GZ did initiate the contact, he had a right to defend himself.

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    In my opinion...

    Mr Zimmerman chose to follow an unarmed innocent juvenile at night, in the rain, and against police instructions. He made this choice because the victim was black and therefore, to him, suspicious. The victim attempted to escape from him, going so far as to actually run away, but still Zimmerman pursued.

    He eventually caught his victim, a fight broke out, and Zimmerman shot the victim in the chest.

    Trayvon was guilty of one crime only: he was a black teen. For this reason alone he was profiled, reported to the police, followed despite his efforts to escape his unknown pursuer, and ultimately killed.

    I vote guilty.
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    Despite the emotional arguments and nonsense and assumptions, those of us who thought Trayvon attacked Zimmerman are 100% correct. Bruised knuckles on a marijuana saturated Trayvon plus bloody head/nose, lacerations on the head, and 2 black eyes equal only one conclusion. ONE. Zimmerman was defending himself.
    Justice for GEORGE!

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    I still voted 2nd degree murder for the same reasons as before: Trayvon was profiled, followed and confronted for no reason and killed by GZ. His injuries are not sufficient to me to warrant a lethal response.

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    The only logical and common sense answer to this poll is 2nd degree murder and that's how I voted. Thank you

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    I don't think he will go to trial.
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    Not guilty (if the case actually goes to trial) and more likely will get thrown out due to stand your ground hearing and / or simply lack of evidence of a crime. Maybe a manslaughter conviction is possible but not probable.

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    Not Guilty-SYG

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    Haven't voted yet, I'm torn between NG and manslaughter (I don't think this is 2nd degree case).

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    I didn't vote in the last poll or this one but the new information hasn't changed my mind, as a matter of fact it strengthened it that george may have indeed been the first aggressor, I believe George is guilty, I'm just not sure yet if it's 2nd degree or manslaughter.

    The real fact is that the levels of pot found in Trayvon's system was too low for Trayvon to have been high that night so that wipes out George's claims that he looked like he was on drugs.

    There were no defensive wounds on George's hands or arms, which makes me think that those injuries didn't come from a vicious beating. Trayvon didn't have any injuries to his hands other that one small abrasion to his finger, that makes me believe that he wasn't hitting, punching or pounding George.

    I believe that those head injuries on George may very well have come from him falling. Also that scratch on his nose and if his nose was broken may have come from his own gun, Trayvon's head, Trayvon trying to get away. I believe that there was a scuffle but it doesn't show that George wasn't still the aggressor.

    The levels found in Trayvon's system proves that he wasn't high when george spotted him. The video shows that he did in fact go to the store to buy skittles and iced tea.

    I really do hope that the case goes to trial so that everything comes out, including George testifying because the distortions and attacks on Trayvon pretty much sicken me, especially over him smoking pot. No parent wants their child to smoke pot or drink underage but it goes on everywhere, I would be upset if I found out my kids smoked pot, I know that they drank underage but they grew up and went on to be amazing adults, one just graduating with his Masters, however I would be far more horrified to learn that my sons hit a woman, attacked a cop and at the age of 21/22 acted like George did on his MySpace, yet that has been brushed aside time and time again as irrelevant, to me that's more relevant because it shows HIS propensity for violence, unlike smoking pot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HMSHood View Post
    I don't think he will go to trial.
    I would've been surprised before if it went to trial.

    I'd be shocked if it did now.

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