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    OH - Dayton, WhtMale skeletal remains, Jul'11 - Daniel Wells

    The Montgomery County Coronerís Office has put a face to the set of badly decomposed human remains discovered in the ravine of a small creek bed in west Dayton on July 29.

    In a final identification effort, Ken Betz, director of the Montgomery County Coronerís Office, hired forensic artist Joanna Hughes, based at the University of Tennessee, to create a likeness of the manís face ...
    The man is described as a white male, 5í6Ē to 6í tall, between the ages of 35 and 60, with small to medium build. The artist did not include a hairline on the facial reconstruction, because itís an unknown factor.

    ďSince we donít know, we didnít want to put something in the hairline that could detract people from looking at his eyes, nose and mouth,Ē Betz said.

    The victim was seated on a piece of dumped concrete ó west of Westown shopping center ó with his legs stretched in front of him. On the edge of the concrete, near the victimís left hand, was an orange safety cap for a hypodermic syringe.

    He wore a pair of gray, Columbia-brand cargo shorts, size small, dark socks and white gym shoes, size 9 1/2 along with a medium-size black and brown Puritan T-shirt. Investigators found a red and black Cincinnati Reds baseball cap near the body. The victim also had on a silver Armitron watch with a dark face, but carried no cellphone or wallet. A pair of blue-tinted sunglasses were tucked into his shirt.
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    Namus says he had

    Light brown, 3 inches long hair
    Shoulder deformity affecting both arms.
    Bilateral rotation of shoulders affecting joint surfaces; shaft of humeri would have been externally rotated by about 45 degrees.
    Fingerprints checked locally, State, FBI & Homeland Security . Fingerprints available on request

    The place he was found is a known drug location so most likely we'd be looking for someone with a history of drug use.

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    DNA identifies remains found in 2011


    Updated: Friday, 09 Nov 2012, 8:40 PM EST
    Published : Friday, 09 Nov 2012, 8:39 PM EST
    Jill Drury

    The Montgomery County Coroner's Office used DNA to identify Daniel Wells.

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    Found some more info about Mr Wells... He was working at the nearby shopping center and was originally from AZ.



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