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    Back-flipping woman in hot pink body tape injures 3 SPD officers

    It's the Pink Ninja.

    Seattle police officers struggled to control a female bar patron who stripped off her clothes, covered her upper body in hot pink duct tape, and fought off all comers Saturday night in Lower Queen Anne.

    When police got to the scene, the suspect ran down the street into the restroom of a combination Kentucky Fried Chicken and Taco Bell. She was escorted from the restroom and handcuffed, but as she was being placed into a squad car, the suspect began kicking at the legs and head of one of the officers.

    As one officer tried to pull her back into the car, she managed to do an "over-the-head backflip" and tumble out the open rear door on the other side of the police car.

    Once outside, she kicked an officer in the head, causing a concussion, then kicked another in the hand, severing the tendon in his right pinkie finger. A third officer was kicked in the jaw and suffered swelling and slight dislocation.

    Eventually, all three officers and the suspect were transported to Harborview Medical Center where the suspect became so wild she had to be sedated.

    The suspect was booked into King County Jail for investigation of assault.


    Talk about your PMS.

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    I shouldn't laugh but the mental pictures this caused are a riot. I hope the officers weren't terribly injured. Very very strange.

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    I bet those officers are still stunned... yeah, the mental images are a rapid blur of hot pink and, uhhhh, deep shade....

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    I want to see the mug shot!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SoBeCzar View Post
    I want to see the mug shot!
    My first reaction too!

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