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    GA - Woman Kills Two Tourists

    Two Canadian women staying at an Atlantic City casino were stabbed and killed Monday in what appears to be a random attack in broad daylight, Atlantic County prosecutors told NBC10.
    The victim's were two women: one 47 and the other 80.

    Police say the attack appeared to be random and unprovoked.

    Pelzer was being held on $250,000 charged with two counts of aggravated assault, robbery and weapons charges. She has a Pennsylvania license and police were trying to figure out how long she has been staying in A.C.
    They are going to add homicide charges since the victims died.

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    Why does this say GA? The attack took place in NJ and the victims were Canadian.

    Also, she looks SCARY!
    Please help find Gerry Largay, 66, missing on the Appalachian Trail in Maine.

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    How bizarre. I wonder if she has mental issues?

    And yes, scary looking indeed! What's up with the crazy hair?

    Justice for Travis

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hopeful One View Post
    How bizarre. I wonder if she has mental issues?

    And yes, scary looking indeed! What's up with the crazy hair?
    That's her insanity defense in progress.

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    Hi Guys, We have a thread on this attack here:

    Meanwhile she apparently has been diagnosed as schizophrenic. According to her family in Philly she has been mentally ill for many years.

    As for the hair? That's being mentally ill, homeless and strung out.

    No way I am defending her just saying what they reported. She had her head enough to ask why she didn't have a public defender.

    Meanwhile prayers to the poor family of the women that were murdered.

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    Wow. In broad daylight!

    Prayers for these womens families.
    Say what you mean, mean what you say, but don't say it mean.
    We are all just trying to make sense of an unimaginable crime.

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