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    Man Arrested for OWI with Zebra, Parrot in Front Seat of Truck

    DUBUQUE, Iowa - It sounds like the beginning of a joke. A man, a zebra, a parrot walk into a bar.

    A Cascade man was arrested outside of a Dubuque bar on Sunday night with a pet zebra and a macaw parrot in the front seat of his truck.

    Officers charged Jerald Reiter, 55, with OWI. Police reports say officers stopped him in the parking lot of the Dog House Lounge as he drove away in his truck. According to police, field sobriety tests showed Reiter had a blood alcohol level of .14. The legal limit in Iowa is .08.


    The parrot called the cops.
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    It took me a minute to figure out the O in OWI meant operating. I've never seen a DWI refered to an OWI before.

    Odd about the animals. Especially in the kitchen as shown in the link.

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    I'd be more afraid of the parrot too. Little Kiwi is just too cute.

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