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    K-9 Used to Subdue Naked Suspect

    t was no Christmas elf running from house to house, in the alley of 5400 Park Avenue South Tuesday afternoon, around 12:05. It was a man. A stark naked man, checking for unlocked doors.

    He found one at Craig Martinson's home. “I know he scattered a bunch of laundry around. I know he was on all floors."

    A half-dozen cops were on the naked man's trail, including an officer with a K-9 named Zak. The cop spotted the naked man inside Martinson's home and ordered him outside. “At that point the suspect leaped toward the canine officer and punched the canine officer in the head."

    "Doing what the dog is trained to do protect the handler, the dog jumped and bit the suspect, in the genitals. In this case, the genitals, that's correct."

    One neighbor says she watched as police appeared to recover part of the man's testicles from the porch area of the home.

    Minneapolis police say their K-9 officers are never trained to attack the genitals. But, suspects usually aren't naked, either.

    As the neighbor across the street told us, who happens to council member Scott Benson, this seems to be an incident, without precedent. "It's highly unusual don't have much criminal activity, since I moved here 15 years ago."


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    My opinion is that if you punch a K9 in the head, you pretty much deserve to lose something.

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    I guess they were just dangling there as a tempting target! I bet it worked really well to subdue the guy too!

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