A man who was 300 pounds and six feet tall or more beat a Police Officer with his own baton after a citizen flagged down the Officer for help.

The cop was taking a beating and Clayton went after his gun. The Officer shot several times and Clayton kept beating him.

It came to light that Clayton had stabbed someone earlier in the week at a shelter where he was staying.

The Officer has been released from the hospital and is doing O.K. now. Not certain about the stabbing victim. The guy who flagged down the Officer must have been like "Holy ****".


This seems to be a case of a man with mental illness who was not taking his medication. Noooooooo I am not excusing his actions. We need to as a country get a better Mental Health Care system. Liken this to the woman who just murdered the women in Atlantic City. She too had been sent to shelters. A shelter isn't a controlled environment that can check on who takes their meds and who does not. If you're on the street you'll self-medicate. Then all citizens and LE are in danger as well.

Sorry rant over.