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    AZ - Isabel Mercedes Celis, 6, Tucson, 20 April 2012 - #20

    Please continue here.

    Please remember TOS.

    Please do not discuss the minor children in an accusatory nature. They are victims of this situation and should be treated as such, unless LE tells us differently.

    Please remember that theories and speculation are welcome, but they must be based in reality. ALSO - if you don't happen to agree with a theory, that's fine, BUT don't be condescending or tell those who are kicking the theory around, how to post.

    Please be respectful and civil to each other and the MODS - or TOs will be issued. If you have a question about moderation, what is okay to post, or TOS, PM a mod. They will help you. You may always pm me or any of the mods you are comfortable with. We will get an answer for you.

    Quote Originally Posted by bessie View Post
    TUCSON, Ariz. (AP) - Tucson police are searching for a 6-year-old girl who went missing from her home on the city's east side.

    Isabel Mercedes Celis was last seen late Friday and discovered to be missing at about 8 a.m. Saturday.

    Sgt. Maria Hawke says police are searching the area around East Broadway Boulevard and Craycroft Road using street patrols, canines, detectives and a helicopter.

    She's described as just under 4-feet-tall and weighing 44 pounds, with brown hair and hazel eyes.
    Snipped: http://www.kswt.com/story/17650000/t...-year-old-girl

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    Scanner Threads:

    REMEMBER: Anything posted in the scanner thread must stay in the scanner thread.

    Full news coverage: http://www.kvoa.com/full-coverage/finding-isabel/

    Local Media:

    Find Isabel Celis Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/FindIsabelCelis
    New website for Isabel Celis: http://bringisahome.com/
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    Document Released

    PDF Celis 1: Blood On Seat, Testimony From Neighbor

    PDF Celis 2: Forensics collected, items taken from home

    PDF Celis 3: Details on air search, boot prints found at home

    PDF Celis 4: Found pillow, possible sightings

    PDF Celis 5: Allegations of owed money, evidence from home

    PDF Celis 6: Sandals found in park, DNA from family

    Total pages so far = 518

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    AZ - Isabel Mercedes Celis, 6, Tucson, 20 April 2012 - #20

    Please continue here.


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    Thanks Salem - you're a gem

    ....... and you too Patty.
    ^^^^ everything up there is Moo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patty G View Post
    JohnQ said it, but nothing has shown up that is concrete for any of us to look at to prove JM lived there. There was no address listed as far as the public records search to say where the warrant was served.

    Hopefully we will see something that will confirm this as fact. IMO
    I THINK JQP was trying to come up with a scenario to explain the LE visits to the Celis home about the same time as the warrants were served on JM.

    I'm not totally sure, but I think it was theorizing.

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    Packet 2 page 71- list of persons called by Becky and Sergio when Isa is first missing.

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    In pdf 5 A woman who claims to be the Celis's sister in law called police and informed them that she believes Isa's disappearance is related to a 175,000 loan that Sergio received from her employer. They could not identify the woman on the payroll and employer denies this.
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    From article - Grandfather & Uncle
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    I admit I haven't finished reading yet, plus trying to play chase with all of you quickies out there, lol...

    But, do we now have 3 different versions of events by SC?

    I think based on the size of the blackout, that one of the son's have ADHD/ADD.
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    Packet 5, pg 55

    Reporting same info since I think it is of interest:

    Originally Posted by time
    I can never go through any thing in a linear manner from begining to end ... so, packet 5 (5.12), it appears a man went into Famous Footwear at the mall. The woman working there thought he was acting like he was going to steal something and like he was high. He saw Isa's flyer and started talking about her disappearance and said he was ????'s uncle.

    He said the parents didn't do anything to her and that the situation hits close to home because he has children. He said that a guy who was staying with the family owed someone a lot of money and that is why she was taken. He bought a pair of shoes. Security etc. followed him out and he got into a large with truck with big wheels and a lift.

    He came back to do and exchange. Name on coupon was Danny Cline - LE contacted him and he denied making the statement the store clerk claimed he made and said he hardly knows the (Celis) family, but his fiancee is related to them. He had heard rumors JM was staying with the family and owes someone money.

    Danny threatened LE with gun because they were looking around!

    JM doesn't have job, female cousin (?) thinks he is dealing drugs, and he did live with Celis till recently (4/23 is date of interview)

    More about it in attachment

    <mostly paraphrased by me>

    Forgot to ad JM moved from Florida 6 months ago.

    And the woman who is related is Justin's niece, not cousin.
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    Ok im reading one of these police reports.

    the officer is talking to Rebecca he says
    I asked her if she knew where her daughter was!
    She says she did not know.
    She told me one of her sons has (blanked out)
    Officer asks if he was capable of harming (blank) rebecca says def not!

    This i found most interesting
    What does her son have?


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    Places searched PG 8
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Page 62 of PDF 2 notes that RR Isa's uncle walked up to the scene, so this is the uncle who lives in the neighborhood.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prof View Post
    Page 62 of PDF 2 notes that RR Isa's uncle walked up to the scene, so this is the uncle who lives in the neighborhood.
    I'm thinking so, or mighty close to it, I need to go get the address.

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    A thread could be started here:

    Missing! Timeline Forum and Media links

    And perhaps name it:
    AZ - Isabel Mercedes Celis, 6, Tucson, 20 April 2012 Media & Document Dump (No Discussion)

    The key would be to make it No Discussion, just a safe place for media links, document dumps, timelines and things of that sort, and add information that seems to be a "red flag", etc. etc.
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