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    Here's another one:


    This guy has sock puppets that alternate between being fans and condemners, as someone noted earlier. Notice the comment from FreedomFighterGuy1 which was made two months ago. He refers to Luka as "a corpse raper in the making." More proof, via this sock puppet, that LRM had this planned out a long time ago.

    Note also the same account says not to be surprised if his first victim was a human child. I think this is LRM basically making a confession.
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    FWIW....this was posted on a FB group page that has been actively hunting him down for over 2 years....


    There is also a "Yahoo questions" around that time asking if anyone had seen the video. I will try and find that link...I thought I had it....

    Talk about premeditation....

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    this thread is closing..move on over

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