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    Woody Allen And The Great Pizza Wars Of Mice And Men

    Wasn't real sure where to put this, but I found it somewhat bizarre, but then again I do come from here. I am no huge fan of Woody Allen although I know some think him genius. However, I'm a huge fan of the man and crime he wrote a piece on in I think The New Yorker.

    It's not only Tina Fey and Jamie Kennedy that hail from Upper Darby. Their superintendent chief of police does and this man is funny as ****. Michael Chitwood. A quick search here at Websleuths will have him show up because if he quotes something I try and include it.

    The crime occured last year where one pizza shop owner took a bag or box of mice. He went to a rival shop and asked to use the bathroom so he could let the mice out.

    Michael Chitwood was classic on this crime. He says things you'd hear Edward G Robinson say or some old timer talking like a cop out of a movie. "This is my town and I'm running these scums out". Stuff like that.

    Woody Allen is funny so obviously this crime and Mr. Chitwood caught his fancy. Yes, I know he's creepy, but his films are funny.

    My dad worked with Mr. Chitwood as a Philly Detective for many, many years and although he didn't talk about work much he would tell us funny things "My man Mikey" would say.

    So if anyone is interested.............the great pizza wars of mice and men at link.


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    Linda had actually posted the crime here last year.


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