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    Scammers List Man's House For Sale on CL.


    A Hollywood man says his house was put on Craigslist "for rent" when it's not.

    "I actually had a woman come to my house, walk around, go in the back yard, put her head up against the windows and look inside as many rooms as she possibly could," said homeowner Stuart Brisgel.

    The pregnant woman who showed up to look Brisgel's home spotted an ad on Craigslist for a four-bedroom, three-bathroom house with a heated pool for $800 a month.
    Another lovely Nigerian scam.

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    I would say nearly half the private ads on CL for a home are fake. I've been running into this problem as I'm looking for a place. When you answer those ads, you get a message with the "owner" claiming to be out of the country (Nigeria or Europe usually) because the husband got transferred or there's a sick family member or they're missionaries, and that they couldn't find a property management place to trust, but rest assured they have the keys and will send them along just as soon as you send back the application, which of course has all sorts of personal info on it. It's sickening, especially since you know there are some people who fall for it, otherwise it wouldn't be so prevalent.

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    BTW, now when I see a house I'm interested in, I put the address thru Google and see if it's for sale (where they get most of the houses they list) thru Trulia or one of the other places, and I make them give me a phone number.

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