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    CA - Dustin Robert Mansell, 5, Santa Barbara, 1983

    This is really sad: Abducted by non-custodial mother : photographed once and height and weight obtained , probably at school. But he has never been heard from again. I wonder if wherever he is he has a faint memory of his previous life.


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    God, that is sad...I wonder where he is now - he will be an adult, will he remember his dad or have questions about him? Surely you can't hide that from someone forever.
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    I am confused - how did they get that height and weight and photo ???
    Why weren't they able to locate him if they were able to get all that ???
    Unless, I suppose, it was all recieved after he was sighted and gone again...

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    so he was abducted from santa barbara but where was he when he was seen again in 1990?

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    Carolina, that info was not on the site. I noticed that often the Doe site has minimal info- maybe purposefully so as not to give out info that has not been made public.
    What i think is that this info was obtained at a school, but by the time they realized who he was, his non-custodial mother fled with him. Maybe someone recognized him after the fact.

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    CA-Dustin Mansell (5) - Santa Barbara 1983

    Missing Since: May 3, 1983 from Santa Barbara, California
    Classification: Family Abduction
    Date Of Birth: March 24, 1978
    Age: 5 years old
    Height and Weight: 5'0, 95 (circa 1990 sighting)
    Distinguishing Characteristics: Caucasian male. Red hair, blue eyes. Dustin may use the aliases Joshua Dustin Coffee, Jason Williams, Christopher Larkin and/or Sonny Larkin.

    Details of Disappearance

    Dustin was abducted by his non-custodial mother, Margie Laverne Mansell, on May 3, 1983 from Santa Barbara, California. Margie's photo, age-progressed image and 1983 vital statistics are posted below this case summary. The Federal Bureau Of Investigation (FBI) issued a warrant charging her with unlawful flight to avoid prosecution in March 1989.

    Dustin was sighted in Ashland, Kansas in 1988 and at an unspecified location in 1990. Each time he disappeared shortly afterwards. His featured photo and height and weight were obtained during the 1990 incident; he has not been seen since then. His date of disappearance continues to be listed as 1983. Dustin's case remains unsolved.

    Left: Margie, circa 1983; Right: Age-progression to an unknown age
    Date Of Birth: June 20, 1957
    Age: 25 years old
    Height and Weight: 5'5, 120 pounds
    Distinguishing Characteristics: Caucasian female. Brown hair, hazel eyes. Margie may use the aliases Debra Williams, Marti Mosjen, Marti Lacona and/or Sarah Larkin. She may use the last names Coffee and/or Williams. Her maiden name is Moen and she may go by this name as well.

    Investigating Agency
    If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:
    Orange County District Attorney's Office
    Federal Bureau Of Investigation
    Ventura, California Office


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    Wow! I'm so glad he's been found. I hope he can regain a relationship with his father.

    I don't understand why the maximum sentence is 3 years. A father lost out on his child's entire childhood; surely that's worth more than 3 years?

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    Amazing story !! But only 3 years? That's unacceptable

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    Wow! Great news!

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    25 years missing, then found

    LOWELL | For decades, customers entering Lowell's State Farm office on Mill Street saw a poster with the picture of a smiling Dustin Mansell, who went missing at the age of 5 in May 1983.

    His grandfather, Robert Mansell, who ran the insurance agency and now is deceased, traveled the country in search of his grandson, who had been abducted, police say, by his mother from his then California home.

    About 25 years later, family members in Lowell are happy the search has ended.

    On May 19, Margie Laverne Mansell, 50, was arrested in Georgia on one count of child abduction and faces a maximum of three years in prison if convicted. Dustin Mansell, who also had been living in Georgia under the name Jay Spiers, now is married with three children of his own.

    Authorities say Margie Mansell lived as a fugitive for 25 years, moving from state to state and changing her name and that of her son several times to avoid detection. She is accused of fleeing Atlanta in 1990 after learning that investigators had located her residence there.

    Dustin Mansell's uncle, Leon Morrow, of Lowell, said Dustin Mansell's father has spoken to the once-missing boy and is trying to catch up on lost time. The father, Robert "Bobby" Mansell, is a Lowell native who now lives in California.


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    So much time his dad missed out on and the childhood bond that can never be given back. And she might serve three years

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    Oh his poor Grandpop. The poor man didn't live to see his grandson found.

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