I just don't know how these lawyers are getting away with this. $39,000 in attorney's fees to get their client $200? Are you kidding me?

“..We are sued multiple times a day. Fifty to 100 lawsuits a day,” said State Farm PIP Manager Brooke Teplitz.
Only 2 percent of the lawsuits are coming from drivers. The rest are coming from attorneys on behalf of medical centers or pain clinics. And WFTV has found lawsuits over very small sums of money over and over again.
In one case in Volusia County, a lawsuit was filed against State Farm to collect $200. Attorneys in the case, however, were awarded more than $39,000.
“Well, that makes no sense, and any logical person would say that is not right,” said McChristian.
It is up to a judge to determine how much an attorney gets paid, but in the Volusia case, it took five attorneys 150 hours at $250 an hour, Holmes said.
In another case, an Orlando attorney sued over $1,300 and was awarded $77,000."