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    Happy ending:Loyal dog waits 2 days at rest stop for trucker's return


    Rambo, a 9-month-old Yorkie, is one loyal pup.

    His owner, truck driver Michael Siau, didn't realize that Rambo had slipped out of his long-haul truck while he was stretching his legs at a rest stop in Hannibal, Mo.........

    (He thought Rambo was in the back of the truck sleeping and didn't miss him until he got to Iowa)

    Finally, three hours after ringing the Hannibal Animal Unit, Siau got a call that Rambo had been located -- sitting patiently at the rest stop waiting for him.

    The picture says it all:

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    Yorkies are amazing dogs and they just LOVE their people
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    The poor little dog! I'm glad it was found safe and that it didn't get run over or stolen.

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