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    Couple Arrested on Charges of Starving Kids

    A couple whose adopted teenage sons weighed less than 50 pounds have been arrested on charges of starving four boys they adopted through the state Division of Youth and Family Services

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    The sicko New Jersey couple who starved their four sons apparently preferred their daughters - allowing them to pig out in front of the boys, authorities said.

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    Oversight Blamed in New Jersey Starvation Case

    Jersey fires 9 for not noting 4 starved kids

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    The "home visits" were probably all done on paper only.

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    That's my guess. How else could the social workers not have noticed that the boys were seriously underweight? I hope there are some criminal sanctions that apply to those social workers as well.

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    Does anyone know if these 4 boys were biologically related as well as being adopted by the same folks? The "parents" blamed their appearance on some kind of genetic defect keeping them from absorbing food or something of the sort. If the boys were not related, then this really should have raised red flags. If they were related, it is more probable that they could all be suffering from some sort of problem. I'm not making any kind of excuses for anyone here. I'm just curious.

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    I heard this morning on the radio that they were biologially the couple's children and the reason they were "small" was because they were born addicted to herion and "never really grew." I find this amazingly difficult to believing considering the fact that one of them has already gained something like 5 pounds. The mere fact that they were born drug addicted seems to me like something that should have prevented these "people" from breeding again!!!

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    Its simple. The couple's only income was from the CPS people. If they fed the kids, no money would be available for the parents food and 'other substances'.
    Heroin, eating disorder, genetic defect,,, I'm sure a defense lawyer will come up with a few more eventually.
    I won't believe any of them. And I doubt anyone else will either.

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    I don't see how they could be the couples "biological" children, though. They would not have to be adopted if that were so.
    Just the facts, Ma'am.

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    I think I was mistaken. Heard the wrong info on the news!! They were adopted or foster children.

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    Child-welfare workers under criminal probe

    N.J. abuse case points to lack of school oversight

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    Blame it on them being homeschooled? Puleeeeze! I'd like "Point the blame with smoke and mirrors" for $1000, please.

    Because they were homeschooled, yeah, right.
    Just the facts, Ma'am.

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    I always like to point out that most abused kids go to school. It didn't help them any.

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    I'm sure it was a matter of the social workers goofing off while they filled out forms that said they had visited the home.

    You can't see a 45 pound 19 year old and think everything is fine in the home. No matter how dumb the social worker is, none can be that dumb.

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    911 tape: 'He says he's 19. He can't be 19'
    Mike Byrd made a call that led police to 4 starving brothers.

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