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    Mother & Son Separated, 25-year global search!/KhandwaMyHomeTown

    "Saroo's eyes snapped open and everything was suddenly, horribly, wrong.

    The 5-year-old's tiny body was still curled up on the hard wooden seat of the Indian train, just as it was when he'd drifted off to sleep. The rattle of the train was loud and steady, just as it always was when he rode home with his big brother, Guddu. But Guddu was not there. And the alien landscape flashing past the window looked nothing like home."

    Apparently the brother had fallen from the train & died. This little boy begged on the streets of Calcutta until taken into an orphanage & eventually adopted to Australia. As a university student, he searched Google Earth looking for landmarks he remembered near his home which led him to the name of a town & eventually to a Facebook page...... 2 part series, more tomorrow.

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    I'm crying my eyes out eight now! Ty so much for sharing this article!

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    Can't wait for the next part!!!

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