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    Conn:Man Robbed While Wearing Chicken Costume


    A worker at a Boston Market was robbed while he was wearing a chicken suit.

    This isn't a story of why the chicken crossed the road, rather why someone crossed the road to the chicken.
    Manchester's Boston Market was celebrating a grand re-opening on Wednesday to entice customers.

    "Yeah, there was definitely foul play, definitely foul play," joked Eric Dido. "But all is well."

    Dido donned his chicken suit to bring a hungry flock to the restaurant, except the flag he was holding was suddenly picked from his hand.

    "I was just standing there, and a guy a couple of lanes over in traffic, he decides to run out of his car," he said. "He decided to take my flag run back to his car, so I was down a flag, we had another, had to get a replacement."

    "Kind of random, definitely," said Nathan Atwood, the restaurant's General Manager.

    The suspect flew the coup, police were called and Dido resumed his roost for the good of the company.

    "He suggested retiring the costume I said, 'Come on man, you're famous now. It's Thunder the wonder chicken,'" Atwood joked.

    "It was a harmless prank, it's completely hilarious," Dido said. "I take it in good fun."

    He was not injured in anyway in fact, he even had his picture taken with the police officer who wrote the report.

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    The newspaper reports that the dispatcher had a hard time relaying the call to officers, breaking into laughter while trying to say "chicken suit."

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