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Thread: NJ - David Emerich, 32, & Bonnie Pellicer, 24, Camden, 2 Feb 1980

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    NJ - David Emerich, 32, & Bonnie Pellicer, 24, Camden, 2 Feb 1980

    I apologize if this is posted elsewhere, but when I searched I was unable to find any mention of this.
    On February 9, 1980, Bernice Raymond went to a house used by David Emerich, a 32 year old sex film producer and convicted cocaine dealer. Ms. Raymond's 24 year old sister, Bonnie Pellicer, lived with Emerich. Bonnie, from a prominent St. Augustine, FL family, was a law student.

    In the kitchen, Ms. Raymond found blood-stained meat cleavers and knives along with pools of dried blood. A bullet from an automatic pistol was lodged in a cupboard. Near the basement furnace she found a pool of blood and a cutting board containing what was later determined to be human flesh.

    Later articles mention a bloody chainsaw.

    There a several newspaper articles regarding this case.,2606128,4247534

    Neither are listed in NamUs, Charley Project or Doe Network.

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    The "sex film producer" description of David Emerich isn't exactly accurate. He produced movies with sexual themes, and his most recent one prior to his disappearance was R-rated. Maybe he also produced porn.

    I wonder how a young law student from a prominent family got hooked up with a convicted cocaine dealer?

    From the description of the crime scene I'd say this one is definitely drug-related.

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    I knew David and Bonnie at the time.

    They both visited my home several months prior to their disappearance although I did not hear about it until some time later that year.

    I know how David and Bonnie met.

    David did mention going to CA but never said anything about making a film.

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