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    Torina Gutierrez Accused Of Giving 6-Year-Old Daughter PCP Sandwich


    Torina Gutierrez is accused of putting the drug, often called angel dust, in her 6-year-old daughter's sandwich last month.

    The mom from Del Valle, Texas, was placed under arrest last week for child endangerment, according to the Statesman.

    An arrest affidavit obtained by the paper said the girl told school authorities that her sandwich meat tasted like "fireworks" and that it made her feel "dizzy and crazy."

    Gutierrez took her daughter home from school and called paramedics. The girl and her mom both tested positive for PCP.
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    What a terrible thing to do to a child, and her own daughter no less. I wonder why she would do that? Hopefully, the child has been moved to somewhere safe now.

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    Poor little girl. Hope that she is placed in a home with some people who will care about her and protect her from evil people like her mommy on drugs.

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    A Del Valle woman was sentenced Wednesday to two years in prison for child endangerment in a case in which investigators said she put PCP in her 6-year-old daughter’s school lunch...

    An affidavit filed in Travis County in June 2012 said Gutierrez’s daughter began acting strangely in her first-grade classroom, talking to people who were not there and saying she could hear “banging in her head.”

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