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    MA - Local cemetery's giant rabbit statue causes furor amongst veterans

    Veterans' fury over giant statue of RABBIT erected next to town's war memorial (Daily Mail)
    A Massachusetts town is facing a major backlash from local veterans after installing a statue of a giant rabbit in the same park as a war memorial.

    The controversial bunny has inspired a protest from furious war heroes, who refused to stage their usual Flag Day parade in a nearby square.
    Frank Currin, a Vietnam vet, told WHDH that he thought the placement was completely inappropriate, asking: 'Why isn't it down where the playgrounds are? They have it sitting right next to the monument.'
    Navy veteran Paul Grimes said: 'Why can't the town of Dedham put the bunnies that show the spirit of Dedham where they want to go?'
    The sculpture, one of 15 rabbits due to be erected throughout the town, is set to be on display for six months before being sold off to benefit other public art projects.
    more, with pictures and a video, at link above

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    I think there are far worse things in this world to get upset about

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    Quote Originally Posted by thefragile7393 View Post
    I think there are far worse things in this world to get upset about

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    If you're a veteran and have put your life on the line, equating a bunny with a memorial to those who have died is not very smart. I say put the bunny somewhere else.

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    I think if it was strictly a Memorial park that would be different, but this is a public park where it just so happens they placed a memorial monument for the vets. I sadly think there is no harm in this, and the fact that is was made by a veteran to honor a fallen veteran even garners more support to have the bunny remain. IMHO

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    It's temporary! Sheesh. As such, the Bunny probably draws more attention to the War Memorial...

    I think the Vets who are all riled up need to grow some perspective: it's a public park, not a dedicated sanctuary. It's simply NOT all about them. Relax, and bring the grandkids by to see the Bunny who's visiting.

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    It's temporary, it's not sitting right up against the war memorial, and it's not a cartoon-style rabbit. If it were Roger Rabbit I might feel differently, but it's just a white rabbit in a natural rabbit position.
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