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    Cool A New Zodiac Name Clue? Right in front of our eyes?

    Ok, I came here a few days ago because my intuition has me checking out a guy who lives in Walla Walla, Wash.
    This guy became a suspicion of mine last yearm, by his actions and what he says.
    I reasearched him and found that his highschool was in a town that one of the Zodiac letters was mailed from. He was born in '49'
    I dug deeper, decided to anylise his name and found a celtic connection that led me to researching and I found this page which may shed light on the Zodiacs I.D.:
    [ame="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cipher_runes"]Cipher runes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia[/ame]
    The stone on this page at the top has the markings identical to and from the halloween card of the zodiac. I suspect that a mirror image is needed to solve this one, but I am not into these celtic ciphers, so maybe someone here can look at what I found. The marking at the bottom of the halloween card and this link...please look at and tell me what you think. Aslo I notice a resemblance to the unsolved code that identifies the Zodiac(so he says).
    I hope this is a good find...

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    Also in this..

    the number 14 is possibly twice the symbol count if it has to be mirrored, meaning 7 X's or riune trees that make the name. This suspect of mine has 7 letters to his full name and the crypto letters of the Zodiacs name (2nd and 3rd letter) match the letters in his name with no crypting involved.
    Notice the similarity to the triple xxx of adult sex on the stone from the link I provided?
    and the Zodiacs mention of a sex slave harem?
    Paradice slaves written in a cross?
    A celtic cross -not compass rose...or one in the same?
    CR-compass rose or CR celtic ruines?
    A celtic crytogram?

    And my suspect would have been 14 in 63 when the 5 yearold was killed.
    The hallowwen cards number is 14 and seems to be aimed at children(who celebrate HAlloween)
    5 letter e and 14 letter n are the 2'nd and 3rd alphabet like letters in his name cypher (not that this means anything)
    My suspects name interprets to something odd, but I am affraid to share, it would tell his name and I don't want trouble.
    Creepy find if you ask me.
    I have found a public record of this ex RN stating that he has seen Death in all of its forms...pretty creepy when considering the gun,rope,fire,knife thingy....
    My suspect is on the ropes right now, I just need a little more....(besides the fact he looks exactly like the zodiac sketch)
    and I am no detective and do not want to falsly accuse...but intuition says that this is the reason I was born in 1966 , to catch this evil one...Its been a weird feeling for weeks now, just out of the blue. I keep finding connections.
    My suspect has never been fingerprinted..strange that he mentioned that to me.

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    Any suspect who was 19-20 years old in 1969 can't really be considered a good one. May I ask why you'd suspect the guy in the first place?

    Also, who claims anything about a 5 year old potential zodiac victim in '63? I've never seen that one before.

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    A case not tied to Zodiac

    theres an unsolved one in 63, not sure why I am thinking hes the one who did that, maybe because its so close to the first letter and a suspicion about the halloween card makes me think 7 is a factor in his codes.
    Second, knowing how SATAN works, it is already proven that the 60's and 70's were a few decades where there were a dozen or more serial murders, so, for all I know there were several zodiacs,green river killers,ted bundys and ted kaczynskies.

    I am not sure why you would not consider a young suspect, since Ted wa sa suspect himself. Also, the fellow unknown that the police want help identifying is approximately that age, but I am not a Zodiac buff. Nothing ever proved to pan out on the others but coincidence and evidence that would not stick. Do you know how many people owned a zodiac watch and a royal typewriter in the 70's? And most of those typewriters had the same flaw.

    The reason I suspect this guy is way beyond normal thinking, so, just a crazy here with crazy thoughts.
    I can see why he got away with it, he was smarter than the average Joe Cop. No biggy really, he finds his own hell in the end.
    One of the letters came from this guys hometown when he would have been 22. He has made some strange statements on record and to me like: "I have seen death in all of its forms". "Its better than gettinng my rocks off,"
    "It's just a game" and "why spoil the game". He uses ZonaBlaster as a handle.
    My list is like 50 things that makes me suspicious, but I don't,like I said, want to accuse someone by name and be wrong.
    He went to highschool in the area, lists being from oakland. used to talk about his summers in SF,and is into cryptograms and puzzles to the extent he taunts creators of such puzzles by mail.
    ANyways, I seem like a nut. I probablly should have let it be.

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    The first confirmed letter dates from 1969, though many (myself included) believe he wrote as early as '66. The big problem with a 19 year old suspect is that multiple witnesses said that the zodiac was between 30-45 at the time. Nobody gave an estimate as low as 19 or 20.

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    unsoled murder south of Napa:
    Doreen Hesket (5 years old) oldest unsolved Napa VAlley case
    mentioned in many threads on the zodiac
    this one and many others...in some circles, it was connected I guess, I think it is:
    here it is dicussed among other cases in Napa that were never solved.
    In my honest opinion, killers start somewhere, why wouldn't this unsolved case be considered and especially since the zodiac told the police he was suprised they werent already onto him when he wrote the first letters? He himself suggested he did more crimes before and while in contact with SFE and the PoPo. My angle is this. The Zodiac started young and is still alive. Just my hunch in a sea of hunches.

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    Yes Medicated, I think those witness acounts being off by up to 15 years just suggests that the person could have been that age. My wife sees people in her store who llok 30 and when I.Ded pan out to be 20. Also when she cards people, she has had someone she suspected as 17-18 turn out to be in the 30's. This witness age discription route of police tooling is not the best avnue. A good cop would still suspect anyone from a probable killing age on up..

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