Dear Websleuths Members,

Thank you for your participation in all of the missing threads. It means a great deal to have so many people from all over the world participate in the missing forum.

I want to remind you about a few things about Websleuths and in particular the Mickey Shunick Case.

In Mickey's case (as in others on Websleuths) we do not allow people to come on and spread rumors about things that have NOTHING to do with the case. We don't allow rumors in general.

Yes you can always speculate and offer up your theories but you can't throw out the names of innocent people or make accusations about the missing based on rumor or innuendo.

Many family members read on Websleuths. They have enough heartache dealing with a missing loved one. Imagine the pain they feel if they pop on Websleuths hoping to see how the case discussion is going only to read some horrible unfounded rumor that our moderators have not had a chance to remove.

Please be mindful and careful when you post. You are dealing with people's loved ones and their hearts are ripped open and hurt beyond belief.

Our job is to try and help. Not hinder.

Thank you.

Tricia Griffith