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    The drunken stripper; a coven of witches; & the 'groping' man, impaled in truck crash

    The drunken stripper from the Golden Banana, a coven of Salem witches and
    the 'groping' man horrifically impaled when she crashed into a flatbed truck
    (Daily Mail)
    A coven of witches from Salem, Massachusetts, appeared in court to support a local stripper who was arrested on drunk driving charges after she crashed her car, killing her passenger.

    In addition to working at DB's Golden Banana gentleman's club, Angelique Catherine Griffin, 25, is active in the local Wiccan community. The support led her uncle, a self-professed warlock, to 'hex' anyone who tired to 'harm' his niece.

    A security camera captured the horrific moment early Saturday when the passenger side of her PT Cruiser smashed into the back of a flatbed truck parked alongside the road.

    Dillon Renard, 19, was impaled on impact and died in the passenger seat.

    more here also: Driver in fatal crash says victim assaulted her (Boston Herald)
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    I thought this was about the tv line up tonite for the show "1,000 ways to die".
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    Sure, sure put all the negativity on the strippers and the witches. Both always get a bad rap. However in this case that's a da*n Christian sin this poor young man is dead. Young, handsome, and as his tattoo said full of hope.

    Now to that Uncle. I may be wrong, but I thought most people especiall men steer clear of that Warlock title. Unless their in the motorcycle gang. The name in itself means traitor or vow breaker or somethinglike that. Secondly can you now work in darkness on Facebook? Conduct a "hex" on Facebook?

    The best is "The Golden Banana". I used to dance at a club "The Black Banana" only not stripping or casting spells.

    RIP Young Dillon Renard

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    Christian Day: The Kathy Griffin Of Witchcraft



    The few things I read about him aren't applauding him that's for sure.

    Oh snap abracadabra like I know who this guy is. Well not "know" him, but he runs alot of stuff up in Salem. I think he does the "Dumb Supper" and a bunch of other stuff. Maybe he is the world's most famous warlock? Ya think?

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    So she wrecked her car on purpose to get him to stop touching her? Sounds to me like she was drunk as a skunk and should never had been driving in the first place. If she wrecked the car on purpose how would she know she wouldn't be killed too.

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