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    CA - Gunman holed up in Crystal Cathedral

    Gunman loose at landmark Crystal Cathedral in Southern

    GARDEN GROVE, Calif. (AP) - A SWAT team has surrounded
    Southern California's Crystal Cathedral after a gunman opened
    fire inside. No one is hurt.
    Garden Grove police say children in a church day-care
    center are safe.
    Police Lieutenant Mike Hanfield told K-C-B-S T-V officers
    had made telephone contact with the man, but were unclear whether
    he was in the cathedral or a separate building. A cathedral
    spokesman says the shooting apparently took place one level below
    the cathedral's main auditorium, the choir's staging area.
    Hanfield described the man as "distraught, disgruntled" and
    says he may have been a temporary employee.
    The shots were fired just before five p-m, two hours before
    the cathedral's annual "Glory of Christmas" holiday show was to
    The huge glass-and-steel structure is near Disneyland.

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