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    MN - At least fourteen animals drown as torrential rains ravage Duluth zoo

    At least 14 animals drown at flooded zoo as torrential rain ravages the Midwest (Daily Mail)
    Keepers at the Lake Superior Zoo, which sits at the foot of a hill in Duluth, fear the actual number of drowned animals could be much higher as some cages remain entirely submerged in rain water.

    All but one of the zoo's barnyard animals died in the flood, which claimed six sheep, four goats, one donkey, one raven, one snowy owl and one turkey vulture.
    more, with many pictures, at link above
    “Obviously, our entire staff is devastated,” said Peter Pruett, the zoo’s director of animal management.
    more here: duluthnewstribune.com
    The polar bear also got out but was quickly darted and is safe in quarantine, [zoo spokesperson Keely] Johnson said.
    Police helped locate Berlin, the female polar bear, the Associated Press reported. "Even though it's a large white object, it's pretty nerve racking," police spokesman Jim Hansen said.
    Flooding rips up Duluth, drowns zoo animals

    more, with video, at msnbc.com link above

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    Very sad. Heartbreaking.

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    How awful. The zoo flooded in 2010 and officials did nothing to prevent this disaster! Unbelievable....

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    very sad.

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    Up to 8 inches of rain fell.

    'Extensive Damage' from Flooding in Duluth, Minn.

    Residents and officials are comparing the ongoing situation to flooding that occurred in August 1972 which devastated the city.

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    Very sad and what a mess!

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