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    TX - Isis Vas, 6 mos, found dead, babysitter charged, 29 Oct 2000

    I'm watching Frontline on Hulu and this story is unbelievable.

    Often we are so quick to judge, but it makes me really wonder how often people are wrongly convicted in the deaths of young children.


    This man has lost a decade of his life for the death of a child in his care.

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    Wow very intriguing case. What's telling to me is even faced with this horrible situation, some of the jurors only thought he was guilty because no medical experts testified for the defense. How terribly sad for all that loved baby Isis.

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    why would baby Isis have blood in her vagina? that's not addressed in the article

    the article says something vague about possible blood disorders but I didn't see anything specific about why she would have blood in her vagina

    also, his 911 call is suspicious to me - he's offering an explanation/excuse (Isis being bitten by a spider) which is a HUGE red flag in any 911 call

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    I thought the call sounded weird, too. But after watching the whole thing, I think there is definitely reasonable doubt that he did not harm the child. They did talk about her blood being way, way off. Also her hyman was intact. I don't think there's any reason to assume he was responsible for that.

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