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    Naked Mom Found Eating Ice Cream After Car Wreck

    A Texas mom was found naked and eating ice cream at a drug store after having crashed her car into a bus and abandoned her three kids at the scene, according to police.

    Stephanie Dillard had been driving with the children in Houston when she collided with a bus, police told KPRC. All three kids, ages 5, 12 and 16 suffered minor injuries in the wreck, police said.

    After the accident Dillard walked to a nearby CVS and allegedly began taking off her clothes as she ate ice cream, police told KPRC. Investigators said she fought their efforts to arrest her.


    I guess she didn't want to drip ice cream on her clothes. What would you do for a Klondike Bar?

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    Oh Captain, My Captain
    Seems like there might be a head injury in there some where....
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    with all the naked zombie apocolyse and face eating going on I am tempted to wonder about bath salts but that is just my cynicism talking. You are right believe, probably head injury.
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    She was charged with child endangerment and her kids given to their grandma so I'm thinking drugs.
    Loved the klondike bar comment TrackerSam!

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