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    PA - Woman Not High On Bath Salts Violently Beats Stranger On Bus

    The video says it all. Blas Slabbers was minding his own business on the bus when a woman got up and proceeded to beat the living daylights out of his head.

    Cassie Darby aged 49 was recognized on the SEPTA video, and arrested.

    Slabbers who moved to Philly in 2010 remarked on the comments the video received. The photographer said besides not one single soul coming to his aid the comments range from his Mama didn't raise him to be tough and he was lucky that entire bus didn't turn on him. He though would like to know just why Darby beat him.


    No, in Philly bath salts are not needed for random violent behavior.

    Mugshot at link along with interview with Slabbers.

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    Not bath salts but I'd bet something else. Ms. Darby has 3 pages of docket sheets all by herself, ranging from multiple retail thefts to possession, and assault.

    She rockin that docket since 1985 and still going.

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    Wow. What a beautiful testament to the human soul Blas Slabbers is! So much violence in this world. I was very impressed by him. Very. Sad times all around. :-(
    “The truth is rarely pure and never simple.”~Oscar Wilde

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