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    TX - Mom Accused of Trying to Sell Infant for $4,000

    Megan Heichelbech thought she was responding to a standard adoption ad earlier this month, but her gut told her something was wrong the day she was supposed to buy a plane ticket to bring 4-month-old Eden back to her home in Florida.

    "It was not an ad to urgently sell the baby," Heichelbech told ABCNews.com, adding that the costs and fees were similar to the ones that applied when she adopted her 5-year-old daughter.


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    it only took days to get paperwork cleared for her daughter? that seems hinky too

    wish they could sterilize the bio-mother - wonder how many other babies she's sold ...

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    CPS wants to try reunificatiom with his mother! Good grief
    Say what you mean, mean what you say, but don't say it mean.
    We are all just trying to make sense of an unimaginable crime.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lovejac View Post
    CPS wants to try reunificatiom with his mother! Good grief
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    June 2012:

    The mother, whose name wasn’t released, was arrested Friday afternoon on a charge of child abandonment after the infant was found in a Lake Highlands apartment in the 9700 block of Ferris Branch Road, near Audelia Road and Interstate 635.

    Managers had entered the apartment to collect rent from the tenant after authorities said several attempt to contact her had failed. When they entered the apartment, they found the baby lying in his crib.

    “There was no one else inside of the apartment,” according to a police statement.

    The mother was arrested when she returned to the apartment.

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    June 2012 - the bio mother of the baby is named as 26 year old Brittany Hill. She gives an.interview from jail (video of the interview at link):

    But Hill said Monday that she was not trying to sell her son.

    "I know that's illegal," she said. "I'm not stupid -- that's called, like, black-market-something. I've read up about it; I know."...

    Hill said she cannot afford a good life for her son so she decided to place the ad to help get him adopted. She said she hoped to raise her third child until she ran into financial trouble...

    Hill said she has given birth to three boys. Her mother has guardianship of her first child, she said. She said her second son was adopted in 2009 through an adoption agency.
    "I will never have any more children," she said. "If I could have had a hysterectomy, I would have done it a long time ago."
    Hill said she was just out checking her mail when her baby was found alone in her apartment. And she said that doctors/ midwives had told her to step outside for 10 or 15 minutes if she was feeling depressed.


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    July 2012:

    Brittany Lynette Hill, 26, told Dallas police she had put another child up for adoption and was given a $4,000 check, according to police documents...

    Hill is believed to have had at least four sons. The 4-month-old boy and his two oldest brothers, ages 6 and 8, are being cared for by grandparents. CPS is working to locate the child in question, who is believed to be about 2...

    Hill remains in the Dallas County Jail on felony charges of sale of a child and abandoning a child.

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    Brittany Lynette Hill was jailed for 4 years for sale of a child. I wonder if they ever found the missing boy.

    Tdcj number - 02029264


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