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    CANADA - Casey Rose Bohun, 3, Port Coqulitam, British Columbia, 05 August 1989

    Left and Center: Bohun, circa 1989; Right: Age-progressed to age 20.

    Casey Rose Mary Dora Bohun
    Missing since August 5, 1989 from Port Coqulitam, British Columbia, Canada
    Classification: Non-Family Abduction

    Vital Statistics

    • Date Of Birth: July 18, 1986
    • Age at Time of Disappearance: 3 years old
    • Height and Weight at Time of Disappearance: 3'0; 28 pounds
    • Distinguishing Characteristics: White female. Red hair; brown eyes.
    • Clothing: White t-shirt and underwear.
    • Dentals: Bohun's upper left tooth was chipped at the time of her disappearance.

    Circumstances of Disappearance
    Casey lived with her mother and mother's boyfriend at a home on 94A Street in North Delta. The indication was she'd been playing on the front steps of the house and that was the last anyone had supposedly seen of her on Saturday August 5, 1989. The neighborhood would have been unknown to the child since her family moved to North Delta from Langley, B.C. a month previously.

    Casey's disappearance had a devastating effect on her family. Eventually her mother and stepfather separated and in 2001 her mother committed suicideŁ.
    Bohun's biological father who lived in Saskatoon, is the only person who has been ruled out as a suspect after being cleared through the use of a polygraph test.

    I've been pondering this case a lot lately - where could this little girl have gone?
    ~Mekena Sarah Gracie Carmichael~
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    posted June 18, 2007 in the Delta Observer - it has since been taken down

    In Sgt. Mike Leary's office at Delta police headquarters, a stack of boxes, labeled Casey Bohun, reach the ceiling.

    Leary was the last investigator - there have been several over the years - to delve into the troubling mystery involving the disappearance of the little girl.

    Bohun was just three when she went missing from her North Delta home on Aug. 5, 1989.

    Next week will mark 15 years since her disappearance, an anniversary of sorts the Delta police would like to end. But that won't happen unless the department receives new information that will lead to a conclusion in the case.

    While there have been many theories floated since the little red-head disappeared, police believe she could be living elsewhere in Canada or the United States.

    "It is possible Casey was abducted and we are seeking national assistance from he public as the 15th anniversary of Casey's disappearance nears," Delta police Const. Paul Eisenzimmer said.

    While 15 years have passed, many agencies, including the Delta police that haven't forgotten her.

    The Doe Network, as in Jane or John Doe, issued a reminder this week that Bohun is still missing.

    "Around the time of the anniversary I've been trying to contact people, newspapers, trying to remind them of the disappearance," said Elizabeth Myers, a B.C. area director for the network, which is based in Louisiana.

    The Doe Network, which also includes missing adults, has successfully concluded 21 cases of missing persons in the U.S., Canada, Australia and Europe. It is a volunteer group that assists law enforcement agencies in solving cold cases concerning unidentified victims and missing persons.

    Several theories have emerged over the years into Bohun's disappearance. There have been alleged sightings, one which sent another group of investigators to Kamloops and Kelowna in the early 1990s.

    But it wasn't until April of 2001 that the case was picked up once again. On that Sunday morning, Casey's mother, Barbara Bohun, 40, leaped to her death from the Patullo Bridge in New Westminster.

    Friends say she was distraught over the loss of Casey so many years before and the more recent loss of her other two daughters. Social services took the girls from her over concerns about a disciplining incident.

    Police say there was no suicide note.

    Out of that incident came a chance for police to interview Bohun's boyfriend, the man who lived with her at the time of Casey's disappearance. In recent years, he had moved to Korea where he taught English at a college.

    The boyfriend attended Barbara Bohun's funeral and it was then police investigators interviewed him. That interview raised new questions and police have so far been unsuccessful in their attempts to re-interview him. He is still in Asia, police said.

    It was a warm August day in 1989 when Delta police officers responded to a call of a missing child. Casey Bohun lived with her mother and her mother's boyfriend at a home on 94A Avenue in North Delta.

    Police were told at the time the couple had returned home the evening before, put Casey to bed and that was the last time they saw her.

    A ground search escalated into a full-scale air search of the area. They searched for three days but found nothing. It was as if the toddler disappeared into thin air.

    Police did not name anyone as a suspect, but say even today the only person they've ruled out is Casey's biological father, Donald Bohun. Former homicide detective Bill Jackson, one of the investigators who became involved in the file in the early 1990s, eliminated Donald as a suspect after he passed a polygraph test.

    Delta police say the file is still open.

    "We'd like to talk to anyone who may have information about Casey's disappearance," said Eisenzimmer.

    If you have information, you're asked to call Sgt. Mike Leary at 604-946-4411.
    ~Mekena Sarah Gracie Carmichael~
    West Elgin's Precious Angel

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    Bumping for Casey, still missing after 24 years.

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    That is sad that the mother did that. I wondering if she knew or suspected her bf was some how involved. I also wonder about the other kids got taken away due to a discipline issue. Was it the bf doing this.

    Many questions.

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    Bumping this up for Casey, her sisters and her father. Someone, somewhere has to know what happened to this little girl. I grew up in Delta and remember when she disappeared. I never suspected her mother. I would also be unable to carry on after losing all of my children like she did.

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    She's a cute little girl.I pray they find out what happened to her soon.

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    bumping for Casey........
    Just My Opinion

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    I really hope that LE has an opportunity to reinterview the boyfriend ((was in Korea teaching from upthread info))....who was babysitting that night prior to her mom & bf coming home?
    Just My Opinion

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    Was Casey Rose last seen being tucked into bed or playing on the front steps of her home?

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    Why did they have to wait until the death of the mother to interview the old boyfriend again? The mother and the boyfriend were the last ones to see Casey, they both should have been interviewed many times.

    It is interesting that the mom had other children taken away because of a discipline action, I wonder if they fully investigated or just dropped it once the mom committed suicide.

    I wonder if the police have always had a suspect in mind but have no solid evidence to charge them with anything,

    I wonder what Asian country this old boyfriend went to live/work in,

    Sad that a precious little girl could go missing so many years ago and still no answers,

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