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    Lithuanian woman wants to find and divorce husband who disappeared 41 years ago

    The police in Klaipėda are looking for a man who left his home and disappeared 41 years ago.

    The search was launched after the man's wife, 83, asked the police to find him on Tuesday. The woman said she wanted to divorce her husband.

    It sounds like he was not good husband material and wasn't very much missed but still... 41 years until anybody reported him missing?

    I suppose this may be one reason why there are so many unidentified deceased.

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    I wonder if the search for him is needed in order to petition for a death in absentia certificate later?

    I agree donjeta. Also kind of off topic but I have noted while searching for info on old archived missing persons cases that I stumble across missing persons that are listed in old newspapers but not any databases. Makes you wonder exactly how many went missing and for various reasons never entered into databases once they became available. Also, frequently I will read where remains were recovered that are decades old and it is only when they are ID'ed that it's reported there was actually a missing person. Frustrating.

    I hope she finds the answers she needs.

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