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    Doris Singleton of I Love Lucy Died

    Actress Doris Singleton who played Carolyn Appleby, a friend of Lucy and Ethel, on 'I Love Lucy' died on Tuesday. She was 92.

    Carolyn Appleby was the friend who visited Lucy and Ethel during their Hollywood vacation. One of her California visit episodes included the famous one with Harpo Marx and the other was with Van Johnson.

    Doris Singleton also spoke on the 'I Love Lucy' DVDs.



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    Wow, yes, I remember Carolyn on the Show ...

    I remember the "stunts" Lucy pulled on Carolyn ... and IIRC, wasn't one of the "stunts" something to do with taking Carolyn's glasses when they were in Hollywood ? I hope I got that right and am not mixing up the episodes ...

    I Love Lucy is one of my favorite shows and IMO, one of the BEST sitcoms of all times

    They just don't make them like they used to ...

    And Thanks for this news, Zoe !

    May Doris RIP

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    So sad and makes me feel OLD- all of our chiildhood entertainment is just about all deceased.
    I remember that I Love Lucy episode, in fact I remember most of them, I bet I have seen them 1000 times in my life- same with M*A*S*H, have seen every episode of that too, and many many repeats.

    Yeah, I'm a TV girl.

    Rest in Peace, Robbi 1980-2012

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    My mom still tells people about how when we'd be traveling to horse shows when I was a kid I used to recite I Love Lucy shows to keep her awake while driving.

    And I still love watching them!

    Rest in peace, Doris! And thanks for the memories!

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