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    PA - Man Sets Cat On Fire Keeps Up Standoff With Cops All Day

    A neighbor named "Swift" about said it. They make snow for the Pocono's they make heat for us. The heat just went up a notch. I can't claim to understand that, but Swift's one neighbor set a cat on fire and hung it on a fence. The cops came and he barricaded himself in with his two kids all day Sunday.


    Apparently there's been a little bit of down the way fighting and one man was mad his dad's slumlord wasn't caring for his rental. Tthe poor man's cat was set on fire and draped on the fence.

    Philadelphia police got to stand in the blistering heat trying to get this guy the he*l out of his house with his children safely let go. No claims of synthetic weed or bath salts mentioned.

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    I wish they could set the man on fire and let him burn like he did with the cat!

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    Nasty. Someone who does that to a cat could do it to a person. Poor kids to see their dad doing that
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