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    NJ - Matthew Klouser, 48, Greenwich Township, 1 July 2012

    Posting this thread for WS member Meridith. Thanks, Meridith. Hope Matthew is found safe and soon.

    Greenwich Township authorities search for man last seen Sunday

    Greenwich Township police are searching for a man last seen Sunday, according to township police Chief Richard Guzzo.

    Matthew Klouser, 48, of the 600 block of South Main Street in Greenwich Township, was last seen by relatives about noon Sunday, police said. At the time, he was working in a shed at his business, Klouser Lawn Maintenance.


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    A day and a half probably doesn't seem like it's all that long to folks, but Matt has type 1 diabetes and lives with his parents and foster daughter. I don't know him all that well, but I don't believe it's like him to disappear like this.

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    I hope he returns to his family and community safely.

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    They're using bloodhounds to look for him. Haven't heard anything from my brother today.

    This is unlikely to turn out well, since someone with severe diabetes isn't going to last a couple of days without insulin. A very brief news post said that he had talked about being depressed recently.

    I'll keep you updated, but I don't think there's anything that can be done on the web. If there were, I'd be doing it, since I'm a techie.

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    Matt always has a cooler with him that contains insulin and, given that it's missing, he probably had some insulin with him when he went wherever he went. Bloodhounds found a trail that led to nearby railroad tracks, which were searched this morning. There were no signs of a struggle

    Given that he's a diabetic and a volunteer firefighter, all the stops are being pulled out. However, it's starting to look like maybe he disappeared voluntarily. It's out of character, but as he's been described as someone who always put others ahead of himself, it's possible that something pushed him over the edge.

    I don't know him very well: most of this is coming from my brother, who is getting it from his wife in fragments. Needless to say, they're extremely upset, confused, and scared.

    So maybe he hopped a freight train, maybe he took a bus. Without much insulin or money, though, it's hard to believe that this was planned or that he has the means of coping on his own. He's very close to his sister, has a foster daughter, and lives with his folks. Not an obvious sort of person to disappear.

    If he did take off, the most likely place he'd go is Philadelphia, as it's not far. So if anyone here lives in Philly, perhaps you could keep your eyes open?

    Here's the latest article I've found.

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    Hello all my name is troy rush i am one of matt's best friends and here is a website i started to try to get the ifo out thank you all

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    Welcome to WS Troy & Meredith, Sorry that your friend is missing..
    Is it possible he was invited to march in a parade today? I can't find a facebook or a twitter for him..
    Philly is close enough. With the heat do you think he could have headed down the shore?

    About the foster child (please no names) Is it possible one of her bio parents contacted him?
    I'm sure some super sleuthers will be along soon to ask some questions.
    Prayer that he will come home today.

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    According to a news source
    and the facebook page listed above...

    Matt has been found...RIP Matt...

    Prayers for friends and family, he was found in a tight spot in his place of other details in the article I read
    Sitting. on. hands.

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    Thank you, Mamabear. I was notified last night but told not to post anything in the net, which is why I didn't update his status. I don't know any more details than what the article says other than family stuff, which I won't post here, of course.

    Given where he was, I don't know why he wasn't found earlier, but I'm not going to lay blame on anyone. Given that he had severe diabetes, I can only hope that he went quickly.

    He was a sweet and caring guy, loved by many. I didn't know him very well, but I can't wrap my head around it yet.

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    RIP Matt.

    So sorry for your loss, Troy and Meredith.
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