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    Exclamation UK - Abuse Of Care Home Children 'Truly Horrific'

    Abuse Of Care Home Children 'Truly Horrific'

    Children in care homes are being subjected to sexual abuse of a "violent and sadistic nature", England's deputy children's commissioner Sue Berelowitz has warned.

    The ongoing inquiry has highlighted evidence that children in care are particularly vulnerable to child sex exploitation, with some residential homes being specifically targeted by abusers.

    dum spiro, spero

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    This is just so damn sad! These poor kids have no where to go, are put in these environments where they should be safe are are being abused by the very people that should be protecting them. In a lot of cases, it's taking them from one abusive home & putting them into another! How will they ever learn to trust? Makes me sick!

    Well I hope these talking heads do more than talk. These children need to be protected and it needs to start NOW! What is there to discuss?????

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    The care home staff are not the abusers AFAIK but these children are vulnerable and targeted by local paedophiles and gangs when they are outside the homes.

    This is the sort of situation that is being referred to;
    Nine men have been arrested in a second sexual grooming inquiry in Rochdale.

    The men aged between 24 and 38 have been questioned on suspicion of sexual activity with a child, police said.

    The arrests are as a result of an inquiry into the sexual exploitation of a teenage girl since 2005. The men have been bailed pending further inquiries.

    It follows the conviction of nine men from Rochdale and Oldham who were jailed for running a child sexual exploitation ring.

    The men had targeted vulnerable girls as young as 13.

    During the trial, five girls gave evidence, but police believe there may have been up to 47 victims. BBC Link
    England's dancing days are done...

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