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    Peat bog yields up 200+ soldiers from 2000 years ago; preservation shows DNA presence

    Bones of 200 slaughtered soldiers from the time of Christ are
    so well preserved in peat bog that their DNA can be studied
    (Daily Mail)
    Danish archaeologists have re-opened a mass grave of scores of slaughtered Iron Age warriors to find new clues about their fate and the bloody practices of Germanic tribes on the edge of the Roman Empire.

    Bones of around 200 soldiers have already been found preserved in a peat bog near the village of Alken on Denmark's Jutland peninsula.
    The soggy conditions at Alken have delayed decomposition so the remains are unusually well preserved.
    The remains are from the beginning of the Roman Iron Age, though Roman armies never reached so far north.
    Much more, with pictures, at link above; one photo caption misspells the name of famous find: it's Tollund Man they refer to. (Wiki link)

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    I hope that there is a follow up story on this
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    That's the one in the pic. Are there any pics of what has been found recently? I didn't notice, only saw Tollund man and the bog photos.

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    Thanks for posting this. I'll certainly stay tuned for future developments. There is a lot that can be learned from discoveries such as this.
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