Philadelphia. July 4th. Where it all began, right? Good luck if you went out to see Queen Lattifah, The Roots or one of the Jonas guys.

Note this happened last year. Ya know shootings and mayhem, and people trampling eachother. Add to this year the Occupy Movement and Philadelphia police had quite a time on their overtime.

Pointing out that Occupy was peaceful, but as they started to march onto the Parkway police put a quick nix on it. One police authority said they had kids and their women folk with them marching and there was no way they would jeaopardize more people being hurt.

Obviously most got it and if you live here you would absolutely know it wasn't just a "ploy" of the cops to stop your civil liberties as some did. They figured the police mistook the "fireworks" as "shootings".

If anyone cares to read the article I was like WT* about one Occupier who screamed at the police that "This is why it's called Killadelphia". Uhhhhhhhhh yeah ******* two young men shot eachother. Another turned a gun on police. Cops grazed him before he shot. Mr. My T-Shirt reads "Unarmed Citizen" I dare you to scream in the faces of some of those young men who were at the concert shooting eachother. That would shut him up, and his T-Shirt would need to read something else. Who wears that in of all places Philadelphia? Everybody is armed just about. Well the criminals anyway.

No police hurt.

Other than that a lovely Independence Day in Philadelphia.