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    Allison Baden-Clay - GENERAL DISCUSSION THREAD #33

    Thank you for joining Websleuths!

    Please remember the following when discussing the Allison Baden-Clay case:
    Websleuths is a moderated forum. We strive to discuss cases in a friendly environment.

    Our rules can be reviewed here: The Rules (PLEASE make sure you know the rules!)

    Gerard Bayden-Clay has been arrested and charged with the murder of Allison Bayden-Clay

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    REMEMBER: No cutting and pasting of comments from other social or media websites. You may paraphrase and provide a link.

    The only social media sites allowed are those belonging to the victim, Gerard Baden-Clay and any named (by law enforcement) POI or Suspect, or site created and devoted to the murder of Allison.

    Media/Timeline Reference Thread: CLICK HERE

    CHAT ROOM: not for case discussion!
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    Have you read the previous post? If not, it them now.
    By posting on this thread, you are stating you know the rules!

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    Quote Originally Posted by imamaze View Post
    A list of our verified posters can be found here...

    Verified Professional Posters
    If your not on our list and would like to be verified please contact Admin at the address below, its all confidential.
    If you do not wish to be identified as an expert in a certain area, we ask that you refrain from answering questions that are specifically directed to those that have been verified as specialist in their area and that you do not claim to be a professional in any area.
    If a member posts with "expertise" please check to make sure they are on this list. If not, please do not take their post as professional information, but rather just as another opinion ;much as you would with any member of the general posting membership.

    If a member wants to post as a professional ( a lawyer, shrink, and so on) or as an insider who knows the people involved then they must email us at the following email.
    Please include:
    The case
    Their Websleuths name
    Their phone number and a good time to call
    Their real name.
    In the subject line please put which case they are asking to be verified on.

    All info will be kept strictly confidential
    Thank you!

    ANYONE who posts facts and IS NOT a verified professional MUST POST A LINK TO VERIFY THE INFORMATION!

    Any post without this procedure will result in the post being removed without explanation and repeated violations could result in a loss of posting privileges.

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    ARREST!!! Australia - Allison Baden-Clay, Brisbane QLD, 19 April 2012 -#26

    We have a detailed, formal Terms of Service (TOS) posted separately, and that TOS is what you will be held to as a member here. It's long and detailed because it has to be in the world we live in, and you are expected to read it, understand it and abide by it. However, we can sum it up as follows:

    1) Be a decent human being;
    2) Treat your fellow posters as the decent human beings they are;
    3) Keep in mind that whatever you post will likely live on forever, so think before you press "Submit Reply".
    4) It's a big world. People will disagree with you. You will disagree with them. This can be done with respect, and that's what we expect.

    Please continue here...

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    Check this out Peeps! Allison's own forum, with multiple threads

    Allison Baden-Clay of Australia - Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community

    Please be sure to thank Kimster and our owner SoSueMe!

    Please take all topics to the correct threads! If you want a new one, just let me know!


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    Quote Originally Posted by jubillee View Post
    Damn!!! Congratulations!!!

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    You big kids!

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    Originally Posted by Anemone
    Correct, Bayside, I used to live in Boscombe Road.
    Actually Bayside, I've just looked at google maps and it's number 57 Boscombe Road, it's right next to the church, the first on the right as you go up Boscombe Road. I used to walk there a lot years ago and don't remember the numbers. But it shares the back fence with the BC house.

    All of this is MOO.

    It says 61 on the letterbox
    Shopping is a woman thing. It's a contact sport like football. Women enjoy the scrimmage, the noisy crowds, the danger of being trampled to death, and the ecstasy of the purchase.

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    Hi Bayside
    July 9 is 'done and dusted' and still the same tag line!

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    Hello blacklodge

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    Where is greggie?

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    Quote Originally Posted by minni View Post
    Where is greggie?
    I was wondering that, too??

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