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    Quote Originally Posted by RR0004 View Post
    Don't remember a Goodwill bag. There is one person over there who is fighting the good fight...first initial "H"...but some of what she's posting I never heard Cindy telling her mom (Shirley) that she strangled Casey? I don't EVER remember Shilrey saying that...and it sure wouldn't have been disclosed by Cindy.

    the person torismom and i are chatting with is H_____ buff
    and im just trying to get him to tell me where in the heck he got the idea of a good will bag lol. hahahah..
    ok the fools over there have worn me going to bed

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    In my mind this is what is going on in the minds of those who are posting positive things on Amazon about Jose and Casey (their thoughts)..............

    Think of something semi-clever to say. Post it and sit back to see if anyone with a brain will buy it. Read the few posts after it and realize, nope not buying it. Take 15 more minutes to think of something else to say. Dang, still not working, can't think of something clever that sounds like it might be a little believable. Ok, all else fails text Jose, he can think of something, right? Well hello, he can't either. Ok, ok just repeat the other carp but use CAPS to make it seem like I really really mean it and it is the truth.
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    Ricardo Morales sold some of his pictures to go along with the interview he gave to one of the tabloids (Globe?).

    This cropped version of the bedroom photo was shown to Cindy, who ID'd Caylee and denied any knowledge of the shirt. She stated that she would never buy a shirt with that message. At the time, we all debated if this might be a Casey purchase due to the message it conveyed. While I have no idea if Cindy told the truth or not, it was a BIG scoop for the prosecution.

    If the family (meaning George and Cindy) had NEVER seen the shirt, it directly tied Casey to the crime scene.

    A little detail the jury didn't catch.
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    Good Morning! Ahhhhh, what a way to wake up! LOL
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    Quote Originally Posted by A_News_Junkie View Post
    Good Morning! Ahhhhh, what a way to wake up! LOL
    Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #1,234 in Books

    Mmmm. I want a cookie.
    I did not even check this morning. I expect the supporters will be out in number force again. Well at least the regulars. Surprise surprise! Another day of nonsense.
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    Good morning all :-) Damn that photo of baby Caylee :-( she looks beaitiful but her eyes she looks drugged to me. So sad :-(

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    Hello peeps. Please gather up your belongings and move on over to [ame=""]Sidebar Thread #10[/ame].

    Closing this one very very soon. Remember to tip your mods...
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