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    UK - MoD releases 6700 pages of UFO reports: a summer highlight for all ufologists

    Links galore at the linked sites below.

    The UFO Files: Database of documents released by the MoD (Telegraph)

    A raft of documents released by the Ministry of Defence today contains nearly 7,000 pages of information on successive governments' UFO policies, Parliamentary questions, public correspondence and sightings of UFOs.

    The documents were released after a campaign by Dr David Clarke, who has been asking the Ministry of Defence for them since 2003, and are the ninth such release.
    The UFO Files: MoD documents 'absolutely fascinating' (Telegraph)
    The documents, published by the National Archives for the first time today, detail a bizarre list of weird and wonderful alien sightings.

    They include abductions, shape-shifting objects at a Chelsea football ground and one report from a 1950s pilot who said his experience of a “brightly illuminated object” had been accepted as “quite routine”.

    UFO sighting have been reported in dozens of locations across Britain, with silver suited “faceless humanoids” in West Wales and suspicious-looking “men in black” in Lincolnshire, according to Ministry of Defence documents.

    The UFO Files: Alien sightings in Britain
    In Spalding, Lincolnshire, another member of the public told police she received a late night visit from three tall men dressed in black suits, who “seemed to move silently”.

    The woman, who did not remember meeting the aliens herself, had been observed by a friend having a conversation with the eerie intruders in her bedroom.

    The petrified friend said she locked herself in a toilet until the so-called “men in black” left in a black Jaguar car.
    National Archives: Newly released UFO files from the UK government
    The files contain a wide range of UFO-related documents, drawings, letters and parliamentary questions ranging from 1965 up to 2008.

    Discover the role of the UFO Desk Officers, what they really thought of alien visitors, their ideas to harness alien technology as a weapon, and their briefings to Tony Blair on UFO policy.

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    Speaking of Britain and UFOs, if one is in the slightest interested in the latter, then one really must familiarize him- or herself with 1980 and....

    The Rendlesham Forest Incident (Wiki)

    It's quite possibly the most famous incident of its kind since the golden days of the 1970s and the various UFO flaps then.

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