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    GA - Samuel & Diana Franklin for abusing adopted 15yo daughter, Butler, 2012


    BUTLER, Ga. (AP) A Georgia girl told investigators she spent days at a time locked inside a small outhouse and a chicken coop, and had to wear a shock collar because she didn't do her school work, authorities said Thursday.

    The 15-year-old girl's parents, Samuel and Diana Franklin, were arrested earlier this week on multiple counts of child cruelty and false imprisonment. They were released on bond, and declined to comment as they left the courthouse Thursday for what appeared to be a custody hearing.........

    The girl was adopted around 2007 and home-schooled in a house outside the small town of Butler, about 85 miles south of Atlanta, ..............

    The girl told investigators she spent up to six days at a time in the small buildings in the back of the property as punishment for such things as failing to complete her school assignments, Smith said. She said she had been put in the buildings for at least the past two years.............

    The investigation began May 25, when child welfare agents, acting on a tip, visited the home with the sheriff's department. That same day, Juvenile Court Judge Wayne Jernigan Sr. ordered the teen removed from the home.

    More at link.....

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    Just headed in to open a thread on this one and I see you already got it covered Reader
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    Georgia woman sentenced to 190 years

    MACON, Ga. — A Georgia woman has been sentenced to 190 years in prison on child-cruelty charges after prosecutors said she confined her adopted daughter in a chicken coop and an outhouse, tied her by the neck to a tree, and shocked her with remote-controlled electronic dog collars.

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    November 2015:

    Bradley in his opening statement Tuesday said Diana and Samuel Franklin were rearing the girl according to their deeply held religious faith, and had a difficult time with the child, who had suffered neglect from her birth parents.

    The girl would have violent outbursts, break dishes, steal, lie, hoard food and gorge on it, Bailey said, so confining her to a room and restricting her access to food were reasonable measures...

    Prosecutor Peter Hoffman in his opening statement said the Franklins adopted the girl at age 7. In the years to follow, she was confined not just in the shed, but in a closet, an outhouse and a chicken coop. She was tied up and lashed and forced to wear a collar commonly used to train dogs, with a remote control transmitter that triggers a shock to electrodes on the collar.

    Prosecutor Peter Hoffman in his opening statement said the Franklins adopted the girl at age 7. In the years to follow, she was confined not just in the shed, but in a closet, an outhouse and a chicken coop. She was tied up and lashed and forced to wear a collar commonly used to train dogs, with a remote control transmitter that triggers a shock to electrodes on the collar.
    Read more here: http://www.ledger-enquirer.com/news/...#storylink=cpy

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    This woman is just unbelievable!

    December 2015:

    Before her sentencing Tuesday, the woman convicted of locking her adopted daughter away without food cited Taylor County jail rules as good examples for parents to follow in childrearing.

    “You’ll actually get better treatment in prison than you gave your own daughter,” [Judge] Peters told her...

    "Orders or instructions given to you by jail officers — parents — are official orders and must be obeyed promptly,” [Diana Franklin] said. “If an order seems to be unjust, obey first, then object at a later time. Rules must be obeyed regardless how unjust they are thought to be. You will be expected to obey orders immediately without any insolence or resistance whatsoever.”

    Then she said: “This is a prime example of a healthy parent-child relationship.”...

    Assistant District Attorney Wayne Jernigan was quick to point out that Taylor County Sheriff Jeff Watson would be fired and prosecuted if he similarly abused his jail inmates.

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    [Prosecutor Slater] called Franklin a narcissist who was caught red-handed. She referred to passages from Franklin's journal when she described the abuse and called the 15-year-old girl a demon, a brat, a thief and lazy.

    Slater said Franklin's motive was to punish the girl because her husband was molesting her. Samuel Franklin is charged with child molestation but will be tried separately.

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    The electric shock collar that was used on the girl

    Another neighbor said Diana Franklin told her she was 'doing what the Bible says' when she disciplined her daughter.

    The neighbor, who did not give their name, told WTVM that the mother would only feed the teen bread and water for days as a punishment.

    When she was locked up in the coop or the outhouse, sometimes the girl would be naked, the court was told...

    However, Franklin defended what she did, speaking of her time in the Air Force and how two of her three sons went on to serve in the armed forces, like her husband.

    'They have watched as their parents chose to share the wisdom, knowledge, resources, and most importantly our love to a child, young adult, who has in turn showed ungratefulness and hatred for the very life they have been given,' she said.

    'How can I explain to these fine young men that the very way they were raised and taught is now considered excessively cruel and unjust, when the reason for their success is due directly to their upbringing? … How exactly are we supposed to train our children?'

    The victim testified Tuesday that she still has post-traumatic stress disorder that causes nightmares, flashbacks and anxiety attacks.

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    Things heated up at the Taylor County Courthouse on Friday as attorneys battled over journal entries written by defendant Diana Franklin, indicating that she knew her husband Samuel Franklin was sexually abusing her adopted daughter...

    On Friday Franklin's journal entries were read out loud in court, but away from the jury, detailing how [Diana Franklin], according to the entry, kept her daughter outside the family's home following sexual abuse from her husband Samuel Franklin, who is set to face a judge in December...

    Prosecutors also asked the defendant on Friday how many times she told her daughter she didn't love her and wanted her gone, to which she answered, "Countless."

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    The mother referred to the outhouse as the daughter's "new jail" that was "perfect for her" and even drew a smiling face next to the sentence.

    "Today (the child) was let out of solitary confinement," Franklin wrote in another excerpt. In a third, after the girl was locked up for stealing saltine crackers, the mother wrote that "she gets three crackers a day."...

    That Franklin padlocked the girl in a cinderblock garage was confirmed not only by witnesses but by Franklin herself, who said she locked it overnight to keep the child safe, Slater told the court...

    One of Franklin's journals confirmed the girl's story that Franklin once put a pistol to her head, Slater said...

    In her journal, Franklin thanked God for keeping her from doing something "stupid" with the gun, "saving me from what could have been a very ugly and painful outcome."...

    In other journal entries, Franklin referred to "lashing" the girl instead of "spanking" and mentioned the child had "stripes" on her back, which confirmed the daughter's testimony that Franklin made her strip and beat her with a belt buckle, Slater said.

    The daughter, now an 18-year-old high school senior, testified to other torments suffered in Franklin's custody, such as being shocked with electronic collars designed for training dogs and being tied by the neck to a tree when the mother told her she was gulping food like a dog and would be treated like one.
    Read more here: http://www.macon.com/news/local/crim...#storylink=cpy

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    A third witness Thursday was Lynn Suggs, a licensed counselor who has been treating the teen.

    Suggs said the teen has depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress, suffering flashbacks, nightmares, self-blame and anger. “She’s never been a child,” Suggs said.

    The counselor said the teen had “oppositional defiant disorder” when she was under Franklin’s care. The condition makes a child persistently argumentative, angry, bitter and vindictive. Franklin likely worsened that by denying her the medication she’d previously been prescribed, Suggs said.

    “Mrs. Franklin did not believe in medication,” Suggs said, adding Franklin also didn’t want the teen to see a psychiatrist, because she didn’t want the daughter questioned if she could not be there.

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    What poor excuses for human beings. I can't believe that the foster mom knew that the husband was assaulting that poor girl, and punished her anyway. I have a hard time believing that people this evil exist.

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