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    KY - Paul Hennessey, 57, Ludlow, 4 Jul 2012

    Police: Mentally ill man missing from Ludlow

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    Email sent to Ludlow Police Department inquiring as to the status of Mr. Hennessey. Will post if I hear back.

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    From: Benny Johnson <bjohnson@ludlow.org>
    To: <redacted>
    Sent: Tuesday, September 25, 2012 3:08 PM
    Subject: RE: KY - Paul Hennessey, 57, Ludlow, 4 Jul 2012


    I have spoken to family members this past weekend and both the family members nor have the law enforcement community been successful in locating Mr. Hennessey. We still hope for a positive resolution.


    Col. Benny T. Johnson
    Chief of Police
    Ludlow Police Department
    51 Elm Street
    Ludlow, Kentucky 41016
    Phone: 859-261-8186
    Fax: 859-392-2874

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    Missing Kentucky man arrested in Hinsdale
    Tuesday, December 30, 2014 12:00 pm

    About a year ago, police in New Mexico called Patricia to tell her they had found her brother in a parking lot. He didn’t have a home, and he was very thin, but he was OK, they told her.

    By the time Patricia called back to tell them she would drive to come get him, he had left.

    Hennessey was taken off the missing persons list because he had been found alive, Ludlow police Sgt. Eric Love told The Sentinel Monday.
    Hennessey, who is now 61 and homeless, had been inside the closed Walmart building on George’s Field Road when a passerby heard him and called police, according to Hinsdale police Lt. David Eldridge.

    A glitch in the missing persons system had kept his record on file, according to Love. Hinsdale police called the Ludlow police department so the Porciellos could be alerted.

    Hennessey was charged with criminal trespassing and is being held at the Cheshire County jail for lack of $500 bail.

    Hennessey could not be reached for comment at the jail because interviews are required to be scheduled 24 hours in advance.

    His family is just happy he’s alive and safe.

    “We know he’s being fed, and that he’s in a heated facility,”

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