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    NY - Peter Ghattas, 35, Ronkonkoma, 24 Sept 2003

    In Mid-August, 2003, SCPD detectives had reason to bring in a burglar known as Peter Ghattas. They elicited information from him about the other burglars he and others had done. Named in those statements (I have them) was a Joseph A.Careccia, a black drug dealer named Eddie Wright ( now in federal prison for 40+ years for drug dealing, arms dealing and assorted other crimes.

    On 9/3/03, Ghattas was brought to the Suffolk DA office where he repeated his information to the DA and his detectives. He then signed an agreement to testify at a later death concerning the gang he had named. The burglary gang did scores of home and commercial burglaries, mostly, in Suffolk County. They also did 2 home invasions with torture and injury to the victims. One victim had his hand slashed with the promise there would be his fingers chopped off, one by one until he gave them the location where his cash receipts from his restaurant was given to the robbers. Joe Careccia admitted to being one of the two persons that participated in the torture.

    On 9/24/03, Ghattas was allowed to go on his own, presumably without police protection and went to an auto body shop known as Rob’s Pro Tow, Ronkonkoma, NY. Credible information has come to my attention that Rob’s was the location where Careccia, Wright, and the owner, Robert Spatafora cut pure cocaine to sell on the street. That supposedly took place from about 1998 to September 24, 2003, or until Ghattas was found murdered outside that location when he chose to visit the location.

    Joseph Careccia was the neighbor of DA Spota’s chief investigator as the commander of his SCPD detective squad, or from 1998 to April, 2002. He was the owner of a home only four doors down from the commander, on a street of only 12 one family homes in St.James, NY. He took off to Boca Raton, FL after someone attempted and failed to kill him with shotgun and pistol fire.

    Careccia would then open up several companies for the purpose of creating a mortgage and bank fraud scheme that netted millions in illegal mortgage scams. Some of those companies are: Washington Funding Group, Global Mortgage Network, Global Realty, Global Credit Solutions, and Global Title Services. At Global Title he hooked up with a lawyer named Edgar Benes, who is allegedly the son of a Bernardo Benes. The elder Benes had a bank that failed in Miami, FL. He also made at least 75 visits to Cuba where he held meetings with Fidel Castro. Depending on who you ask, Benes is a hero or a traitor to the U.S. of America. Some say he was working for Castro, others say he was working for the CIA. I think maybe both.

    Mr.Edgar Benes is the recorded owner of at least a ½ dozen title companies throughout SE Florida. Careccia shared an office with him at one of the locations. They even used the same phone number.

    On 10.23.03, three SCPD detectives and one ADA went to Florida with a material witness order to bring Careccia back to LI for investigation. He invoked his right to right to counsel and hired Suffolk County attorney Raymond Perini to represent him. Mr.Careccia was brought back to LI and was placed in area motels and hotels for 7 months, at taxpayer expense.

    On 11/13/03, he gave a statement to the DA and police that a SCPD cop helped him rob the Strathmore Bagel shop, Nesconsit, NY, on 7/25/00. That was later to be proven to be a lie because the SCPD cop was proven to have been vacationing in Europe until 7/27/03. He would tell the detectives other lies about the SCPD cop so he could be given a free pass for his testimony against the cop. He would receive 5 years probation for admitting to 38 violent felonies, including the two home invasions, his hiring of two arsonists to burn an occupied building in Yonkers, NY, and scores of unsolved burglaries. He was then allowed to do his probation with the Palm County, FL, probation office and was allowed to continue his widespread mortgage and bank fraud business, or until I posted scores of messages on the Internet that he was a gangster doing business with other high end crooks that were raping the country out of millions of dollars.

    After I drove him out of the mortgage business as he became a hot potato for his bosses, he went into the Used Car business where he stole 15 automobiles and two tow trucks from a retired LAPD police officer that relocated to Florida to open up a car repossession business for various banks. That former cop made the acquaintance of Careccia and stored his cars on Careccia’s car lot. He promptly forged the documents for those cars and attempted to hold them ransom to the banks for $40,000 that he claimed to be storage fees.

    The LAPD cop complained to the authorities. Careccia sent a known drug dealer named Alex ‘Raz’ Williams to terrorize the ex cop. Careccia told the ex cop that he uses black dealers to kill for him as they have no conscience and will kill his whole family.

    Eddie Wrigbt is a black drug dealer and is suspected of being a killer. The SCPD would like to make Wright the killer of Ghattas.

    To back track a moment. IMO, the reason why the ADA joined the cops to fetch Careccia is the DA knew Careccia was an informant. The SCPD detectives would naturally run him through the ringer and I believe Careccia would have told EVERYTHING he knew about police corruption in Suffolk County. I also believe DA Spota knew that his commanding officer was a longtime neighbor of Careccia, and that is why he sent ADA Prudenti with the detectives to Florida to make sure the detectives would ignore Careccia’s request for an attorney, and to assure him no such questions would be asked of him. Careccia is a known RAT that would do and say anything to avoid a jail sentence.

    As far as I know the case of Ghattas is still open on the books to this very day.

    AND, so I ask my fellow web sleuths if you have any information about this unsolved murder would you please post it on these Boards, or PM me if you prefer.

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    More than a year before the homicide there was a burglary of a home less than a mile away from the murder scene. The owner of the home had three licensed pistols. The owner's daughter was the mistress of the owner of Rob's. That home was burglarized and two pistols were stolen from the home. It was originally believed that all 3 pistols were stolen. The 3rd gun was found in the home.

    A pistol license would tell the police the make, model, and caliber of the weapons.

    I interviewed the owner of the home for a case related to my investigation and she told me she had a strong feeling that one of the guns stolen in that burglary killed Ghattas, even though the theft was more than a year earlier.

    The detectives would arrest a David Cipkin and the drug dealer Eddie Wright for that burglary. Cipkin would later admit to the burglary and place Wright, and Careccia at the scene. Careccia drove Cipkin and Wright to the scene. A police canvass of the area produced a report that a man resembling the owner of Rob's was also hanging around just around the block from the burglaley scene.


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    continued......Eddie Wright was not arrested for that burglary, only Cipkin was. He pleads guilty to the crime and in so doing he tells the judge that he did the burglary but can't remember who he was with and what he took.

    More than a year later he is visited by the police at the prison and his recollection suddendly comes to life. He tells the investigator that he went in there with Wright. Careccia drove them there. He says he went into the bedroom and removed a small leather case. He took it to the car unopened. Wright asks him what is in the case. Cipkin opens it and there is a 'revolver' in the case. Eddie asks him if he could have it. Cipkin said he gave it to him. Cipkin is now placing a 'revolver' in the hand of Wright.

    When Ghattas is murdered I don't know if there was any usable ballistics. Was there shell casings from a semi-automatic. My gut feeling is no one is going to specify a gun as a revolver. They would say it was a gun. So why does Cipkin stress say a 'revolver?'

    While one can not get usable ballistics, or can get usabe ballistics, one must first find the weapon to compare it to. But ballistics can often tell what make and caliber a bullet was fired from. I suspect the spent round came from a gun that was the make and model of a gun stolen from the house.


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    continued...........more make believe detective work. A team of burglars do 5 jobs and 1 attempted job on Christmas Day, 2001. At one of the homes on Apex Lane, Coram they find the keys to a brand new SUV. Joe Careccia said he was there and Eddie Wright was with him. Eddie wanted the SUV. Another 'gift' for Eddie. 4 months later, or 4/28/02, two people try to kill Careccia outside of his home. One uses a shotgun and the other a pistol. The failed. They make their escape in that SUV. The SUV is dumped and found. Eddie and his pal Dave are the prime suspects.

    Careccia would testify in a grand jury that later that same day of the shooting his 'neighbor' stops by and inquires of his health. The neighbor then tells Careccia where the SUV was dumped, and when and where it was stolen. When asked by the DA if he knows his neighbor's name and address, Careccia,simply replies, "No." End of inquiry.The commanding officer of the DA squad just happens to be Careccia's neighbor of four doors away, and had been so for about 4 years.

    Picture this. Someone tried to kill you. Hours later a person comes to your door and tells you things about the attempted murder that no one other than a cop could know so early. Careccia knows this fellow is his neighbor, he just doesn't know who he is or where he lives. How does he know it is his neighbor?

    It gets funnier as it goes along..............continued.

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    continued..........now remember folks I told you they tried to kill Careccia with a shotgun? OK, the night before Santa and his Elves made another stop at the home of a stock swindler called Walker. Walker reports he lost up to $285K in cash and valuables. He will blame a cop for setting it up as the cop is his friend and he is the only outsider that knows where the hidden surveillance equipment is stored.

    Careccia takes the rap for that one too. But Careccia would say the burglary was a bust. All they got was a small baseball collection, a bullet proof vest, a shotgun, and some shells. Can we assume the shotgun was placed in the car of the getaway driver, Peter Ghattas. Next day these bums do 5 other burgs and one attempt. They take that SUV. Now you have a new vehicle. Eddie takes it. He likes guns. And so he takes the shotgun and leaves it in the SUV until he finds a use for both.

    My, my, see how easy this is? Except it is probably bullspit.

    Now guess who was the lead detective on the homicide of Ghattas? He is the same detective, now an ex-detective that wrote that BS letter to Newsday stating that he heard the Gilbert 911 call and he didn't find anything of any sort that she was in distress!!!

    This detective, a seasoned detective of many years in homicide just happens to think it is OK to write a letter to Newsday and provide them with details of the phone call. Details that still haven't been released to this very day. Do you think he did this without a little encouragement by someone in the inside?

    Then remember those two idiots, Spota and Dormer contradicting each other as to how many killers there may be when neither of them have a clue, really.

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    continued...........Now about this Walker guy? His name is Marlowe Robert Walker III. He was suspended from the security industry by the SEC in 1991. He continued in that business on LI without a fear of being arrested.

    He goes on to ingratiate himself with Suffolk cops. Hangs out at all the bars and the gyms they use to bulk up. He forms a company called Harbour Entertainment. Gets the cops and others to invest. One such fellow will become a trusted SCPD Det.Sgt that works in the DA's office. Walker makes the fellow a Board of Director.

    During this period of time, Walker is convicted with two others for stock fraud. He will receive a 1 year federal prison sentence. In other words, Walker is not only a person a police officer, much less a confidant of the DA should be involved with, but he is now a convicted felon.

    Now you might be asking what the heck does this have to do with MURDER? It has a lot to do with some murders, in this case, the murder of Ghattas because they all seemed to be linked to associations with law enforcement, mainly the Suffolk DA.

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