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Thread: Possible serial foot-licker in custody

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    Possible serial foot-licker in custody

    Police have a possible serial foot-licker in custody after a 49-year-old man was arrested for inappropriately touching two young girls at an upstate New York library.

    Anthony Parri allegedly took off a child's shoe and rubbed the girl’s foot against his nose and mouth in one of two incidents Tuesday at Penfield Library, according to reports.

    One of the alleged attacks happened in an open area in the children's section, library director Bernadette Brickman told WHAM, ABC's affiliate in Rochester. The child's mom and a library employee witnessed the abuse and called the cops, according to the station.

    Authorities are investigating whether Parri is connected to five similar cases in nearby Pittsford and Brighton. In those incidents a man approached young girls, ages 5 to 10, and licked their feet.

    Parri has two prior convictions for attempted murder and assault dating back to the late 1980s, according to court documents obtained by WHAM.

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    Toe sucking, foot licking, zombie attacks, oh my.

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    Oh jeez, not another one. WTH is wrong with people! I posted the other day about a sicko RSO from my hometown that has a foot/toe fetish: he tricked a young lady so he could suck her toe.

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    Thought at first this was a double thread, but checked the dates and see there is another one, just arrested..

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