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    Spat out of hell: aging, beefy Meat Loaf sues once-fat "cybersquatter" for $100,000

    Rock star Meat Loaf sues pub tribute singer
    for 64,000 damages in a row over his website
    (Daily Mail)

    Dean Torkington, 50, a pub tribute singer from Burnley, Lancashire, has received a writ from the US rocker, which accuses him of being an 'online imposter' and a 'cybersquatter'. The writ claims Mr Torkington has 'commercially exploited the internet top-level domain name MeatLoaf.org to capitalise on the artist’s celebrity'.
    On his website Mr Torkington, who goes under the name 'To Hell and Back' and whose shows feature a real motorbike and big artwork back drops, states: 'You simply won't find a more accurate portrayal of the Rock God Meat Loaf anywhere else.' [Mr Loaf recorded the widely popular song Bat Out of Hell, released as a single in 1979.]
    Mr Torkington added: 'I have been a Meatloaf tribute performer since 1996. I used to be an Elton John performer before that but put on quite a bit of weight so decided to become Meatloaf.' He also said the fact that he’s shed 11 stone in the last two years means he could no longer be considered a 'dead ringer'.
    much, much more and a To Hell and Back video at DM link above
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    Try an imitate this ya skinny "Meet Loaf"


    "Meet Loaf" cracked me up.

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    He's "Mr. Loaf" to us.

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    Dumpwater, Arkansas..LOL


    Quote Originally Posted by wfgodot View Post
    He's "Mr. Loaf" to us.
    Yeah, and don't you dare forget that buddy!!!! I'd like you to meet Mr. Meat Loaf...." You don't even want to know what I am thinking right now...LOL
    "If at first you don't succeed, skydiving isn't for you!"

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