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    Australia - Crying baby abandoned next to bin

    Crying baby abandoned next to bin
    By Sam Riches
    December 24, 2004

    A CRYING baby boy was found alone in a pram next to an industrial waste bin at Morphettville yesterday and a business owner rushed to his aid only moments before the rubbish was collected.

    Adelaide's Reece Plumbing manager Tony Sopp arrived at his business at Morphett Village, Morphett Rd, about 6.30am and heard a baby crying among a pile of rubbish near the bin in his workplace's rear car park.

    The blond-haired 21-month-old was wearing a nappy and T-shirt, with his bottle and dummy on the ground.

    "I got out of the car and heard him whining," Mr Sopp said. "I looked over and saw a meat-slicer, an old box and the pram was facing into the bin but I knew straight away what it was.


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    The article further states

    "Police doorknocked nearby residents in the hope someone could identify the toddler before he was taken by paramedics to Flinders Medical Centre.

    "Ten minutes later, a guy apparently walked into the (nearby) deli and asked if they had seen a woman with red hair and a blond-haired baby," Mr Sopp said.

    Police found both parents shortly afterwards. They were interviewed by police and Child, Youth and Family Services staff.

    "Apparently, this guy has said he only left him for an hour, but you don't leave a child unattended," Mr Sopp said.

    "Two minutes is too long. Words cannot describe it. There are predators out there it's crazy. As a father I'm disgusted. It's shocking."

    In a statement to The Advertiser, the Families and Communities Department said the child was being cared for by CYFS. "He is now in alternative care and CYFS is taking every action to ensure the child is safe," it says."

    It's truly a miracle that man came by when he did, and the trash truck didn't accidentally kill this child.

    I pray the child gets the love and attention he needs to grow up to be a responsible part of society. Such a sad story.

    With love and HOPE, Lanie

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