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    AR - Wrightsville, WhtFem (UP2839), 30-40, Reddish Blonde-Near Arkansas River, Apr'85

    White Female


    Found April 20, 1985, 1/4 of a mile south of Wrightsville Park Road, 75 yards west of the Arkansas River, in Wrightsville, Arkansas.

    Reddish-Blonde Hair

    Approx. 63" tall.

    DOD estimated sometime in 1985.

    Partial skeletal remains

    Both Nuc & mtDNA available.

    Dental chart is in Namus. Many fillings and several teeth lost pre and post mortem. Also, the following remarks noted:

    Tooth # 7 Lost postmortem ( Code / or P) . Teeth #12,13, crown fractured coded / in NCIC and listed P in Namus..
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    Four rule outs so far:

    Carol Pierce 1939 Wisconsin
    Kathleen Ranft 1956 Texas
    Linda Reynolds 1952 Arkansas
    Mary Shinn 1953 Arkansas

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    Doenet entry:

    Indicates she had "a remote healed misaligned and malunion of the lower 3rd of the left femur." Looking it up in a medical website, I found this information: "Remote" means farther away from the body. "Malunion" means the bone didn't knit together, and "misaligned" means it didn't heal in a proper position. It usually happens in small bones of the hand and foot, or in broken shoulders and hips and can be caused by a number of things including taking the cast off too soon.
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